Executive Staff

  • Melissa Scott Senior Executive Assistant to the Owner
  • Melissa Hoang Executive Personal Assistant to the Owner
  • Jeanne Brown Executive Assistant to the President
  • Eldric Washington Personal Assistant to Owner

Football Operations

Player Personnel

  • Jeff Ireland VP/Assistant General Manager - College Personnel
  • Michael Parenton Director of Pro Personnel
  • Ryan Powell Pro Scout
  • Justin Matthews Pro Scout
  • Cody Rager Assistant College Scouting Director
  • Mike Baugh National Scout
  • Terry Wooden National Scout
  • Scott Campbell Senior College Scouting Analyst
  • Mike DiJulio Area Scout
  • Jon Sandusky Area Scout
  • Casey Talley Area Scout
  • Joey Vitt, Jr. Area Scout
  • Paul Zimmer Area Scout
  • C.J. Leak Area Scout
  • Matt Phillips Combine Scout
  • Ryan Herman Football Research & Strategy
  • Will Martinez Scouting Coordinator
  • Isaiah Macklin Scouting Assistant
  • Harry Piper Scouting Assistant
  • Tosan Eyetsemitan Football Administration Associate

Player Engagement

  • Fred McAfee Vice President of Player Engagement
  • Danny Lawless Director of Security
  • Evan Meyers Legends & Alumni Manager/Assistant Player Engagement
  • Dan Simmons Legends & Alumni Coordinator

Athletic Training/Medical

  • Ben Stollberg Director of Sports Medicine
  • Jonathan Gress Director of Rehabilitation
  • Shone Gipson Head Athletic Trainer
  • Kevin Mangum Assistant Athletic Trainer
  • Bobby Feeback Assistant Athletic Trainer
  • Reggie Stone Assistant Athletic Trainer
  • Jamie Meeks Director of Sports Nutrition
  • Dr. Karim Meijer Head Team Physician
  • Dr. John Amoss Team Physician
  • Dr. W. Stephen Choate             Team Orthopedist
  • Dr. Brian Lebon  Team Dentist
  • Dr. Hazem Eissa Team Physician
  • Ryan Petrossi Athletic Training Intern
  • Katie Oneacre Sport Science Analyst

Football Video

  • Dave Desposito Video Director
  • Joe Alley Assistant Video Director
  • Tim Youngblood Video Assistant
  • Christopher McNeice  Video Assistant


  • John Baumgartner Head Equipment Manager
  • Corey Gaudet Assistant Equipment Manager
  • Richard Killian  Assistant Equipment Manager
  • Ryan Pugh Equipment Assistant
  • Ben Steib Equipment Assistant
  • Chase Hollis Equipment Assistant
  • Carson Shelton Equipment Assistant
  • Nathaniel Ku Equipment Assistant
  • Cory Eugene Equipment Assistant

Governmental Relations and Business Operations

  • Stephen Pate Vice President/Governmental Relations and Business Operations
  • Ian Tigchelaar Senior Director of Operations
  • Katie Krajcer Director of Event Policy & Fan Engagement
  • Courtney Kennedy Operations Manager
  • Megan Bourg Manager of Event Policy & Fan Engagement
  • Morgan Parmer Manager of Saints Initiatives
  • Giancarlo Hernandez Operations and Fan Engagement Coordinator
  • Brady Johnson Operations and Fan Engagement Associate

Community Relations

  • Elicia Broussard Sheridan Senior Director of Social Unification and Youth Sports Development
  • Julie Borsch Senior Director of Community and Government Relations
  • Austin Pasco Youth Football Development Manager
  • Adam Fournier Senior Coordinator, Community Engagement
  • Collin Crockett Youth Football Development Associate
  • Justine Drake Community Relations Coordinator
  • Grant Segar Community & Government Relations Associate

Marketing and Game Presentation

  • Nancy Gold Vice President, Brand Strategy
  • Dan Askin Director of Digital Marketing
  • Andy Antunez Marketing Manager
  • Eddie Coe Senior Graphic Designer
  • Eliana Levy Marketing Project Manager
  • Jessica Skonning Graphic Designer
  • Brad Gale Email Marketing Specialist
  • Luke Halvorsen Graphic Designer
  • Mariana Jerez Special Events Manager
  • Sara Anderson Director, Entertainment Teams
  • Jenny Craig Entertainment Teams Assistant Manager
  • Chryssi Flores Director of Game Experience
  • Anitra Christman Game Experience Coordinator
  • Hailey Williams Game Experience Coordinator
  • Jessica Weinberg Live Entertainment Coordinator
  • Evans Chronis Game Experience Coordinator
  • Kinsey Hopkins-Campbell Game Experience Associate
  • Richard Merrifield Game Experience Associate


  • Doug Miller  Executive Director of Football Communications
  • Justin Macione Director of Football Communications & Publications
  • Davis Friend Football Communications Coordinator
  • Sam Shannon  Corporate Communications Manager

Digital Media

  • Doug Tatum Vice President/Digital Media
  • Alex Restrepo Director of Social Media
  • Beth Blackburn Director of Digital Platforms
  • Andy Weilbaecher Digital Developer
  • Justin Vlosich Digital Media Coordinator
  • Megan Kottemann Social Media Manager
  • Madison Leavelle Social Media Illustrator
  • Tatiana Lubanko Social Media Coordinator
  • Christian Verde Social Media Coordinator
  • Michael C. Hebert Director of Photography
  • Ashley Oliver Social Media Associate
  • Ezekiel "Zeke" Robinson Social Media Associate
  • Anthony Mikos Digital Media Associate


  • Shaneika Dabney-Henderson Vice President of Production
  • James Crosbie Sr. Director of Production
  • Jon Lavengetto Senior Content Manager
  • Shota Hashimoto Sr. Motion Graphics Manager
  • Brianna Latino Production Manager
  • Layne Murdoch Jr. Video/Still Photo Manager
  • Brendan Hassett Live Stream Manager
  • John Sebag Videographer
  • Jonathan Mahody  Shooter/Editor
  • Chrys Sims Producer/Editor
  • Joshua Sige Videographer/Content Creator
  • Blairre Perriatt Motion Graphics Associate
  • Issabelle Vu Motion Graphics Associate
  • Ryan Micklin Production Assistant
  • JaNajia Walker-Holliman Video Production Associate


  • Josh Richardson Executive Producer
  • John DeShazier Senior Writer/Digital Media Contributor
  • Todd Graffagnini Digital Media Contributor
  • Erin Summers Team Reporter
  • Fred Ruckert Broadcast Marketing Manager
  • Mike Hoss Radio Play-By-Play Announcer
  • Deuce McAllister Radio Color Analyst

Finance and Accounting

  • David Chaix Vice President, Head of Team Accounting
  • Mallory Vedros Controller
  • Kristi Dupuy Senior Accounting Coordinator
  • Josh Harris  Staff Accountant
  • Alicia Dupart Payroll Manager
  • Felicia Jones Payroll Specialist
  • Justin Pellegrini Financial Reporting Manager
  • Alex Watermeier Accounts Receivable Coordinator
  • Noah Werbel Team Accounting Associate

Business Analytics

  • Rich Barbier Vice President, Consumer Insights and Analytics
  • Basem Elkhatib Senior Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Sarah Lassman Senior Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Luis Villaseñor Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Brian Broussard Business Intelligence Associate

Human Resources

  • Mary Vinet Director, People and Benefits
  • Linley Fenlason Senior Talent Acquisition and Retention Manager
  • Jay Romig Executive Director, Administration
  • John Berfect Mail Clerk
  • Rodrick Cureton Coordinator, People and Culture
  • Darvelle Hutchins Senior Director, Culture, Diversity & Inclusion
  • Charlene Brown Benefits & Legal Coordinator

Information Technology

  • Jeff Huffman Senior Director of IT Security & Administration
  • Jody Barbier Senior Director of IT Operations
  • Chris Chapital Computer and Information Systems Manager
  • Brock Orrett Systems Administrator
  • Robert Crump IT Support Specialist
  • Kelvin Smith Network Administrator


  • Terry Ashburn  Facilities Director
  • Wade Vicknair Assistant Facilities Manager
  • Corey Rogers Facilities Manager
  • Gordon Duplessis Groundskeeper
  • Cody Vicknair Groundskeeper
  • Jimmy Fullerton Groundskeeper


  • Matthew Sharpe Associate General Counsel

Corporate Partnership

  • Matt Webb Vice President/Corporate Partnerships
  • Dr. Dan Kaufmann Director, Global Sales & Strategy
  • Erica Bernadas Director of Sales & Innovations
  • Erik Naranjo Director, Partnership Marketing
  • Victoria Leahy  Partnership Sales Account Executive
  • Johnny Pizzo Senior Corporate Partnership Account Executive
  • Taylor Mahan Corporate Partnership Account Executive
  • Roger Perryman Corporate Partnership Account Executive
  • Taylor Johnson Partnership Marketing Senior Manager
  • Desiree' Chambers Partnership Marketing Manager
  • Sara Hayes Partnership Marketing Manager
  • McKell McLaughlin Partnership Marketing Manager
  • Eavan Roark Partnership Marketing Manager
  • Russell Tebeleff Partnership Marketing Manager
  • Nathan Turner Partnership Marketing Manager
  • Sydney LaBiche Partnership Marketing Coordinator
  • MaryClare Stannard Partnership Marketing Manager
  • Quinton Washington Partnership Marketing Coordinator
  • Schyler Hawkins Partnership Marketing Coordinator
  • Blair Positerry Partnership Strategy Graphic Designer
  • Ashley Livaccari Project Coordinator
  • Jason Dunn Partnership Marketing Associate

Ticket Sales and Service Leadership

  • Bryan Ross Vice President/Ticket Sales, Service and Operations
  • Blake Simon Senior Director of Ticket Service & Operations
  • Chris Guidry Senior Director of Season Tickets and Group Sales
  • Matt Dixon Senior Director of Ticket Sales
  • Zac Cooper Director of Season Ticket Sales
  • Brian Bean Manager of Season Ticket Sales
  • Anthony Parilla Director of Sales & Retention

Premium Seating

  • Molly Threeton  Manager of Premium Service
  • Caitlin Link Premium Service Coordinator
  • David Stern Premium Service Coordinator
  • Jesse Nantz Premium Service Coordinator
  • Andrew Boylan  Premium Service Coordinator
  • Robbie Lynch Premium Seating Account Executive

Season Ticket Sales and Retention

  • Courtney Gros Senior Sales & Retention Account Executive
  • Blake Leonard Senior Sales and Retention Account Executive
  • Carrie Albright  Sales & Retention Account Executive
  • Larry Staub III Sales & Retention Account Executive
  • Jordan Thomas Sales & Retention Account Executive
  • Austin Busby Sales & Retention Account Executive
  • Tyler Sherman Season Ticket Account Executive
  • Johnathan Rene Season Ticket Account Executive
  • Cody Link Season Ticket Account Executive
  • Gabriel Chasin Season Ticket Sales Account Executive
  • Tyler Westbrook Season Ticket Sales Account Executive
  • Noah Anthony Season Ticket Service Coordinator
  • Josh Daniels  Season Ticket Service Coordinator
  • Charity Mackey Season Ticket Service Coordinator
  • Kristin Benn Season Ticket Service Associate
  • Bryson Parker Season Ticket Service Associate
  • Bryan Morris Ticket Customer Service Associate
  • Chelsey Morris Ticket Customer Service Associate

Group Sales

  • Denton Hunter School Program Sales and Service Manager
  • Chris Harpster Group Sales Manager
  • Eric Morris Group Sales Account Executive
  • Lindsey Stanek Group Sales Account Executive
  • Caroline Yates Group Sales Account Executive
  • Tyler Carroll Group Service Associate
  • Ally Musso Group Service Associate

Ticket Operations

  • Daniel Holden Director of Ticket Operations
  • Joe Chavis Ticket Operations & Parking Services Manager
  • Angela Leon Ticket Administration Manager
  • Kevin Blau Ticket Operations Manager
  • Lauren Brown  Senior Ticket Operations Coordinator
  • Kristy Pugliese Senior Ticket Operations Coordinator
  • Austin Myers Senior Box Office Coordinator
  • Robert Black Ticket Operations Coordinator
  • Anna Haun Ticket Operations Coordinator

Inside Sales

  • Chandler Blackmond Inside Sales Consultant
  • Sampson Burken Inside Sales Consultant
  • Ryan Callahan Inside Sales Consultant
  • Kameron Hollowell Inside Sales Consultant
  • Deonte Hurst Inside Sales Consultant
  • Katie Keane Inside Sales Consultant
  • Laura Liccardi Inside Sales Consultant
  • Casey Millar Inside Sales Consultant
  • Gabriel Moreno Inside Sales Consultant
  • Devin Munoz Inside Sales Consultant
  • Mallory Panzavecchia Inside Sales Consultant
  • Giannis Tsahageas Inside Sales Consultant
  • Jacqueline Wilson Inside Sales Consultant