Executive Staff

  • Melissa Manwaring Executive Assistant to the Owner
  • Melissa Hoadley Executive Assistant to the Executive Officer
  • Jeanne Brown Executive Assistant to the President
  • Charles Vedros Personal Assistant to the Owner


Football Operations

Player Personnel

  • Terry Fontenot Director of Pro Scouting
  • Jeff Ireland Assistant General Manager/College Scouting Director
  • Ryan Powell Pro Scout
  • Michael Parenton Pro Scout
  • Mike Baugh National Scout
  • Terry Wooden National Scout
  • Cody Rager Area Scout
  • Jon Sandusky Area Scout
  • Casey Talley Area Scout
  • Joey Vitt, Jr. Area Scout
  • Paul Zimmer College Scouting Coordinator
  • Justin Matthews Pro Scouting Coordinator
  • Ryan Herman Football Research Coordinator
  • Matt Phillips Scouting Assistant
  • Ben Autin Football IT

Player Engagement

  • Fred McAfee Director of Player Engagement
  • Danny Lawless Director of Security

Football Video

  • Dave Desposito Video Director
  • Joe Alley Assistant Video Director
  • Tim Youngblood Video Assistant
  • Ben Martinez Video Assistant


  • Greg Bensel Sr. Vice President of Communications
  • Doug Miller Executive Director of Football Communications
  • Justin Macione Director of Football Communications/Publications Director
  • Evan Meyers Football Communications Manager
  • Jordy Spitale Football Communications Coordinator/Legends Program Coordinator
  • Dan Simmons Alumni/Legends Development Coordinator
  • Courtney Funchess Communications Intern

Marketing and Business Development

  • Ben Hales Sr. Vice President/Chief Operating Officer
  • Stephen Pate Executive Director of Government and Community Relations
  • Jessica Richardson Executive Director of Marketing
  • Josh Richardson Executive Director of Live Programming and Broadcasting
  • Ian Tigchelaar Sr. Director of Business/Marketing Operations
  • Ashley Deaton Senior Director of Saintsations
  • Jason Trosclair Director of Youth Programs
  • Elicia Broussard-Sheridan Director of Community Affairs
  • Frank Depizzo Director of Operations
  • Kyle Campbell Production Manager
  • Keith Claverie Manager of Creative Services
  • Dan Askin Digital Marketing Manager
  • Chad Vincent Graphic Designer
  • Tyler Harbison Operations Manager
  • Jamie Moore Community Affairs Coordinator
  • Chris Payton Youth Program Coordinator
  • Jason Lapouble Youth Programs Coordinator
  • Adam Fournier Youth Programs Coordinator

Digital Media

  • Doug Tatum Executive Director of Digital Media
  • Beth Blackburn Manager of Digital Platforms
  • Layne Murdoch Jr. Digital Media Video/Photo Manager
  • Alex Restrepo Director of Social Media
  • John DeShazier Senior Writer/Digital Media Contributor
  • Sean Kelley Digital Media Contributor
  • Ashley Amoss Video Producer
  • Brendan Hassett Video Producer
  • Alejandro de los Rios Video Producer
  • Andy Weilbaecher Digital Developer
  • Caroline Gonzalez Digital Media Coordinator
  • Sean Haspel Digital Media Analyst
  • McKell Favrot Digital Media Content/Partnership Manager
  • Cindy Robinson Social Media Coordinator
  • Michael C. Hebert Director of Photography


  • Michael Stanfield Sr. Vice President of Sales
  • Bryan Ross Executive Director of Ticket Sales & Service
  • Anthony Parilla Director of Premium Seating
  • Ashley Thiedke Director of Premium Services
  • Kevin Ferguson Senior Premium Seating Account Executive
  • Brian Bean Premium Seating Account Executive
  • Jonathan Gibson Premium Seating Account Executive
  • Emile Maffei Premium Seating Account Executive
  • Nick Batista Premium Seating Account Executive
  • Adam Begoun Premium Services Coordinator
  • Kelly Carroll Director of Partnership Marketing
  • Blake Simon Director of Ticket Service & Retention
  • Courtney Gros Sr. Service & Retention Account Executive
  • Tim Gryzch Sr. Service & Retention Account Executive
  • Stephanie Harpster Sr. Service & Retention Account Executive
  • Corey Garrity Sr. Service & Retention Account Executive
  • Mario Scrafalloto Sr. Service & Retention Account Executive
  • Gena Boudreaux Season Ticket Account Manager
  • Blake Leonard Service and Retention Account Executive
  • Roger Perryman Service and Retention Account Executive
  • Kaitlin Junius Sales and Service Associate
  • Nicole Rodriguez Sales and Service Associate
  • Amanda Guilette Receptionist
  • Charlene Brown Receptionist
  • Derrick James Senior Ticket Operations Manager
  • Mike Karczewski Ticket Operations Manager
  • Joe Chavis Ticket Operations Coordinator
  • Angel Mata Ticket Operations Coordinator
  • Angela Leon Ticket Operations Coordinator
  • William Barry Ticket Operations Associate
  • Jonathan Pick Ticket Operations Associate
  • Chris Guidry Group Sales Manager
  • Denton Hunter Senior Group Sales Account Executive
  • Jesse Nantz Senior Group Sales Account Executive
  • Chris Harpster Group Sales Account Executive
  • DeAngelo Norris Group Sales Account Executive
  • Jordan Thomas Group Sales Account Executive
  • Mariana Jerez Group Services Coordinator
  • Kirk Cohen Season Ticket Account Executive
  • Drew Felsenthal Season Ticket Account Executive
  • Neal Patel New Business Development Account Executive
  • Jim Pollino Inside Sales Associate
  • Dustin Matherne Inside Sales Associate
  • Zac Cooper Season Ticket Account Executive
  • David Stern New Business Development Account Executive
  • Matt Dixon Inside Sales Manager
  • Morgan Boudouin Inside Sales Associate
  • Quinn Kember Sales and Service Associate
  • Chance Creppel Inside Sales Associate
  • McClain Foreman Inside Sales Associate
  • Kaitlyn Gover Inside Sales Associate
  • Anthony Nahill Inside Sales Associate
  • Ted Nam Inside Sales Associate
  • Daron Populist Inside Sales Associate
  • Lauren Sims Inside Sales Associate


  • Matt Webb Executive Director of Corporate Partnership Sales
  • Alex Schulte Senior Director of Partnership Sales
  • Chase Atkinson Director of Partnership Sales
  • Jenna Romig Parenton Director of Partnership Marketing
  • Kelly Carroll Director of Partnership Marketing
  • Erica Bernadas Senior Corporate Sales Account Management
  • Juan Aguilera Corporate Sales Account Executive
  • Evan Ashton Senior Corporate Sales Account Executive
  • Johnny Pizzo Partnership Marketing Coordinator
  • David Adams Senior Corporate Sales Account Executive
  • Gerald Bridges Corporate Partnership Sales Account Executive
  • Emile Moussa Partnership Marketing Manager
  • Virginia Pace Partnership Marketing Coordinator
  • Katie Krajcer Partnership Marketing Coordinator
  • Nina Suleiman Partnership Marketing Manager
  • Eavan Martin Partnership Marketing Coordinator
  • Kaitlin Donahoe Partnership Marketing Coordinator
  • Blair Positerry Partnership Creative Services Coordinator
  • Taylor Johnson Partnership Marketing Specialist

Finance and Accounting


Business Analytics

  • Jeff Gosey Senior Director of Business Analytics
  • Dave Favaloro Business Analytics Analyst
  • Stephen Neal Business Analytics Analyst
  • Kate McCabe Business Intelligence Manager
  • Meagan Burke Business Analytics Coordinator
  • Taylor Landry Business Intelligense Associate

Human Resources

  • Pat McKinney Executive Director of Human Resources
  • Alyssa Hadden Human Resources Generalist
  • Mary Vinet Benefits Manager

Information Technology

  • Jeff Huffman Director of Information Technologies
  • Jody Barbier Senior Network and Support Manager
  • Kevin Brewer Computer Systems Administrator
  • Taylor Wegener Desktop Support Specialist
  • Kimberly Andrew Desktop Support Specialist