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Latest 2024 NFL Draft big board: Cornerbacks | Top 10 Tuesday

View the top 10 NFL Draft prospect rankings based on position


As your New Orleans Saints prepare for the 2024 NFL Draft, we take a look at the top 10 ranked players at various positions. The 2024 NFL Draft big board rankings are reflective of Bucky Brooks' top five 2024 NFL Draft prospects by position 1.0 and ESPN's NFL Draft "Best Available" list.

Here are the top 10 ranked draft prospects at cornerback:

2024 NFL Draft prospects - Cornerback | No. 1 Terrion Arnold | Alabama

Terrion Arnold | Alabama
2023 Season Stats: 40 SOLO | 1 FF | 5 INT | 12 PD

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Arnold enters the NFL Draft being compared to a player that Saints fans know well - Marshon Lattimore. An NFC regional scout said, "Kool-Aid (McKinstry) is more reliable and consistent than Arnold, but I think Arnold has more pure cover talent." If Arnold could live up to his player comparison, he could become one of the more dominant corners in the NFL. He comes in as the best rated prospect on, but he is the third best listed on ESPN. There are a few areas of his game that could use some work, namely his tackling and decisiveness, but overall he's an extremely talented prospect with a high ceiling.

Height: 6 feet

Weight: 189 pounds draft grade: 6.45 overview: "Twitchy man-cover corner with outstanding athletic ability and the skill set to bring in ball production at the professional level. Arnold possesses average size but plays with a desired level of aggression and competitiveness in both phases of his job. He's fast and agile to match up against a variety of receiver flavors on the outside or in the slot. Arnold could squeeze routes tighter from off coverages and limit the yards after catch with a slightly different approach. His closing burst allows him to meet throws at the catch point with a natural feel for playing angles and attacking the receiver's hands. Arnold will make mistakes with positioning and lose focus at times, but the athletic traits and nose for the ball create quality upside for him to be positioned as a CB1 within a couple of years."

2024 NFL Draft prospects - Cornerback | No. 2 Nate Wiggins | Clemson

Nate Wiggins | Clemson
2023 Season Stats: 22 SOLO | 2 FF | 2 INT | 6 PD

Wiggins enters the league as the second best prospect on, and the Best Available prospect on ESPN. He was given a player comparison of Tyson Campbell, and an NFC national scout said, "He has better physical talent than Devon Witherspoon, but he doesn't have that same level of dog in him. That's probably the biggest difference right now. I think Wiggins is the better prospect, though."

Height: 6 feet 1

Weight: 173 pounds draft grade: 6.43 overview: "Wiggins' combination of coverage talent and traits could make him a defensive coordinator's dream. He's tall, long and fast with rare recovery speed when beaten. Silky smooth lower-body movement allows him to mirror releases and trace routes without much effort. He can squeeze a little tighter from off-man coverage, while his range as a Cover 3 cornerback makes him a dangerous option to throw near. He plays with good recognition and elite burst to the throw, which could lead to Pro Bowl production if he can play with more consistent decisiveness. He needs to become a tougher player in run support and when contesting catches against NFL size. Wiggins' speed, scheme versatility and playmaking instincts should make him the most sought after cornerback in the draft."

2024 NFL Draft prospects - Cornerback | No. 3 Cooper DeJean | Iowa

Cooper DeJean | Iowa
2023 Season Stats: 26 SOLO | 2 INT | 5 PD

DeJean is good on defense but even better on special teams. With his athletic ability, he can be an ideal fit as a punt returner or a gunner on kickoffs. An AFC area scout said, "He's quiet and humble. He was always the best at his high school and he has a baked-in confidence that you can't coach." He's pretty dependent on scheme in terms of his defensive play, but in the right system he can be an early contender for CB2.

Height: 6 feet 0

Weight: 203 pounds draft grade: 6.34 overview: "Highly competitive defensive back with plus ball skills and noteworthy special teams value. DeJean is big and bundled for a cornerback, with muscular arms and tight hips. He has fantastic interception production, but his movements are more linear than fluid, and he doesn't have the easy change of direction needed in man coverage on the next level. His best football is played with his eyes forward, using his instincts to challenge quarterbacks and his big downhill burst to smack whatever needs smacking. He would seem to be a no-brainer as a punt returner and gunner in Year 1. DeJean should be a big athletic tester, which will help get the hype train going, but finding the proper schematic fit will be important in unlocking his best football as a zone corner or interchangeable safety."

2024 NFL Draft prospects - Cornerback | No. 4 Quinyon Mitchell | Toledo

Quinyon Mitchell | Toledo
2023 Season Stats:324 SOLO | 1 INT | 18 PD

Mitchell may be the third best prospect according to Bucky Brooks, but he is the second best on ESPN and the cornerback prospect with the best combine grade on He has been given a player comparison of Steven Nelson entering the draft. He has everything a coach would want in a prospect, including immense potential on special teams. He needs to work on tracking receivers in coverage so he does not need to use his closing burst as much to cover for mistakes. At the Senior Bowl, though, Mitchell was the best corner against some of the top collegiate receivers in attendance.

Height: 6 feet

Weight: 195 pounds draft grade: 6.47 overview: "Mitchell possesses a gumbo of traits, with size, strength and speed filling up the pot. He's built like a running back, tackles like a safety and has the ball skills of a cornerback. Mitchell can play in a variety of coverages and was the clear-cut top cornerback at the Senior Bowl when working against the top receivers in practice. While he needs to trace a more efficient path when hounding the route, his burst to close and physicality at the catch point could create tougher throwing windows for quarterbacks. Mitchell's traits, play demeanor and special-teams potential should make him attractive to teams in the market for CB help."

2024 NFL Draft prospects - Cornerback | No. 5 Kool-Aid McKinstry | Alabama

Kool-Aid McKinstry | Alabama
2023 Season Stats: 24 SOLO | 7 PD

McKinstry enters the draft process with a player comparison of A.J. Terrell. An NFC regional scout said, "He's a serious guy on the field and he knows ball. You rarely see him bust because he's always prepared and he's really natural in coverage." He is pure in coverage and a solid tackler. He may not get many interceptions (he finished 2023 with 0), but he also is not thrown at a whole lot due to what he can do in coverage. He will need to cut back on penalties a little bit, but he is a solid corner with high upside.

Height: 5 feet 11

Weight: 199 pounds draft grade: 6.39 Overview: "Three-year starter and former five-star prospect with a quirky name and consistent game. McKinstry is patient and well-groomed in matching the outside release and riding the inside release from press. He's confident to handle business on an island and is able to stay in phase as the route travels vertically. He's not overly fast but does play with plus acceleration to close out crossing routes or make aggressive plays on the catch point. As with most college corners, McKinstry will need to transition some of his open-field hand usage into quality footwork to avoid downfield penalties. He's more aggressive in coverage than he is as a tackler and could find himself forced to prove his toughness in that area. McKinstry is more of a pure cover man than a playmaker, but his poise, intelligence and athleticism should lead him toward becoming a good outside corner with scheme versatility."

2024 NFL Draft prospects - Cornerback | No. 6 Ennis Rakestraw Jr. | Missouri

Ennis Rakestraw | Missouri
2023 Season Stats: 24 SOLO | 1 FF | 4 PD

Rakestraw enters the draft with a player comparison of Roger McCreary. His play intrigues scouts, with an NFC regional scout saying, "I just don't know how he's going to run. You can mix and match him in coverages, but I think there will be some man matchups that are going to be tough for him." He is undersized compared to most receivers, but he plays bigger than his frame. He relishes his role in run support, but his struggles when it comes to attacking the ball led to only one interception is his collegiate career.

Height: 5 feet 11

Weight: 183 pounds draft grade: 6.35 Overview: "Rakestraw plays the game with good physicality and a competitive tilt that defensive back coaches will enjoy. He's strong but not as big or fast as teams usually like when picking within the first three rounds of the draft. However, he's hard-nosed in press and has the body control and anticipation to play a sticky brand of man coverage over the first two levels. He's quicker than fast and does a nice job of breaking quickly on throws in front of him with well-timed challenges to knock the ball free. He intercepted only one pass during his college career, which could be a concern, but his willingness and toughness in run support work in his favor. Rakestraw could become a good backup with eventual starter potential in the right scheme."

2024 NFL Draft prospects - Cornerback | No. 7 Kamari Lassiter | Georgia

Kamari Lassiter | Georgia
2023 Season Stats: 21 SOLO | 8 PD

Lassiter is a well-coached corner who would excel in a nickel role or a free safety. Given a player comparison of Deandre Baker, he will likely be a later selection if he hears his name called. His technique is fine, but he needs to learn to trust it more and not be as eager to grab the receiver if he loses his man. An AFC regional scout said, "Ball production is pretty so-so, but I think some of that was just how Georgia handled their coverages. He's tough. Plays hard."

Height: 5 feet 11

Weight: 186 pounds Draft Grade: 6.22 Overview: "Spunky but slender with the mentality to sift through the highs and lows that come with the position. Lassiter has the athleticism and dog to play press-man coverage and all forms of zone. His instincts and play recognition are getting better to help shadow routes and pester catch points, but he hasn't yet flashed as a corner looking to play the football and flip the field. Lassiter could see flags early in his career, as he struggles to keep up with deep throws and doesn't always trust his technique. He's physical and well-coached with the potential to play as a nickel back or roving safety."

2024 NFL Draft prospects - Cornerback | No. 8 Cam Hart | Notre Dame

Cam Hart | Notre Dame
2023 Season Stats: 15 SOLO | 3 FF | 4 PD

Hart will be looking to put an injury-riddled career behind him and look ahead to a successful NFL campaign in his rookie year. He has been given a player comparison of Benjamin St-Juste. Hart had a great showing when he lined up against the unanimous best receiver in this draft class - Marvin Harrison Jr. If he can replicate that level of production in the NFL, his size and skills will make him a steal for a team in a later round. He did have surgery on both shoulders at different points in his career, though.

Height: 6 feet 3

Weight: 202 pounds draft grade: 6.16 overview: "Traits-based cornerback with an impressive blend of size and athleticism that could lead teams to project what he could be rather than what he is. Hart's size advantage shows up when he's getting after receivers from press, but he doesn't always play big when it comes to run support and attacking the catch point. He has the agility to match releases and plays with pretty good route anticipation but lacks ideal make-up speed once he loses ground during the route. Hart doesn't display much of a playmaking gene when it comes to trusting his instincts and playing the football, but he did a terrific job of helping to hold Marvin Harrison Jr. in check. There are pieces missing from the puzzle, but cornerbacks with his traits tend to improve in the league with scheme consideration."

2024 NFL Draft prospects - Cornerback | No. 9 T.J. Tampa | Iowa State

T.J. Tampa | Iowa State
2023 Season Stats: 33 SOLO | 2 INT | 7 PD

Tampa is being compared to Rasul Douglas as we inch closer to draft day. Following a productive season at Iowa State, he will be looking to have a similar amount of success in the league. He will likely be a Day 2 or 3 selection, but he has the traits required to eventually become a starter. He plays better in zone coverage, but with some technique adjustments he could become a reliable corner in any defensive coverage.

Height: 6 feet 1

Weight: 189 pounds draft grade: 6.24 overview: "Physical cornerback with long arms and an above-average ability to ruin catch tries when he's in the vicinity. Tampa has decent closing burst but appears to lack true top-end speed. He can charge up his press punch and does a nice job of staying connected to routes from trail technique. However, he allows separation windows to open when playing from a backpedal in off-man coverage. Tampa can handle some man matchups, but his last-second pass breakups will turn into completions against pro receivers. His demeanor, instincts and ball skills should make him a Day 2 target and eventual starter for a zone-heavy cover unit."

2024 NFL Draft prospects - Cornerback | No. 10 Kalen King | Penn State

Kalen King | Penn State
2023 Season Stats: 20 SOLO | 2 PD

King is an interesting prospect. ESPN has him as the 10th best cornerback in the class, but has given him a combine grade of 5.69, which is the fourth worst amongst his peers. The discrepancy may come from his inconsistent tape from 2022 to 2023. He does have some traits that are better than some of his peers, but overall in a draft class full of league-worthy talent, he may struggle to find his place. He likely will be a Day 3 selection.

Height: 5 feet 11

Weight: 191 pounds draft grade: 5.69 overview: "King's 2022 performance was significantly better than what he put on tape in 2023, but it might not be enough to sway some evaluators. King was consistently rocked out of position by route breaks over the first two levels and didn't find the ball frequently enough with his back to the passer on deep shots. He doesn't have the fluidity to just mirror and match routes, so he'll need to get back to playing more physically from press to slow down route momentum. King is more than capable of tilting 50/50 balls in his favor when he's in position, but finding positioning in man or zone coverages as a pro could be very challenging."

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