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New Orleans Saints Twitter Mailbag senior writer tackles your questions

The bag was light this week, and we'll attribute that to parade season. But the questions we have, we'll gladly attempt to answer.

So, let's open some mail.

‏@NorvelleAntonio:Are we going to try to get some defensive stars (leaders) this offseason? We need some!

JD:The Saints will be looking for upgrades this offseason – across the board – the same as they do every offseason. Sometimes the additions pan out in a big way, and sometimes they take longer or are misses. That happens with every NFL team. The key, of course, is to have a high conversion rate or, at least, a good conversion rate in the right areas. We already know that the Saints don't have as much to spend in free agency as other franchises, the result of years of success and compensating the players who contributed to that success. We also know that despite those limitations, they've been able to add free agents at key positions (cornerbacks Keenan Lewis and Brandon Browner, safety Rafael Bush) in the last three offseasons. However, just as key this offseason will be better use of the parts that already are on the roster, and that will be the task of defensive coordinator Dennis Allen – finding how to better employ the players that he has. So, of course, the Saints will look to upgrade. But improvement from within likely is more critical than a splashy addition.

‏@JustThug: Could our picks in this year's draft put us in a Super Bowl position?

JD:I'd need Johnny Carson's "Carnac The Magnificent" hat to give you an answer for that one, because we have no idea who the Saints will draft, or in which round. But last year's draft class appears to be a good start toward the Saints returning to contention. We'll have to wait to see how it measures up to the best drafts in franchise history (2006, 1981), but so far it has shown promise.

@rockydavis231: Who do you see us drafting?

JD:We have to see what happens in free agency before hazarding an intelligent guess and even then, the emphasis remains on "guess." For instance, if reasonable deduction says that the Saints need help in the secondary, and they sign a cornerback or safety in free agency, then there won't be nearly as much of a need to pursue a cornerback or safety in the first round. Once we see what transpires in free agency and other roster moves (releases, etc.), then we'll have a better idea of the positions the Saints might look to address in the draft.

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