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Postgame quotes from New Orleans Saints following 20-10 victory over Philadelphia Eagles | 2022 NFL Week 17

Allen: 'We have a gritty, tough group and there’s a lot of fight in those guys in the locker room

New Orleans Saints Coach Dennis Allen

Opening statement:

"Hell of a win for our team. To come up here against an outstanding football team that we played against today and be able to come out of here with a win. I've been saying that the last few weeks, we have a gritty, tough group and there's a lot of fight in those guys in the locker room and they continue to do that. So really proud of our team, players, coaches, everybody."

On the offense in the first quarter and what the key was to taking the early advantage:

"Well, I think we executed. There's a lot of talk about Taysom (Hill). I think we got Taysom involved early. I think we got Taysom involved late. He was a big part of what we did in terms of helping us win this game. I thought we threw the ball pretty well early in the game. We were good on third down early in the game. It became more and more difficult as the game went on. You're down basically what amounts to three starting offensive linemen against that defensive front, so tough deal to do. But I told the guys in there, man, just the way that they finished this thing out, pounding the football there at the end was really impressive to see especially being down three offensive linemen."

On Saints cornerback Marshon Lattimore being back, not showing any rust and how big the play was:

"It was huge. Yeah, huge. Man, he did a great job. I think the defensive back coaches made a couple adjustments over there on the sideline, little play that we kind of anticipated we might get.(Lattimore) did a great job of jumping the route and finishing it. That's the other part about it, we've had some opportunities throughout this season and we haven't quite finished like we need to. Yeah, he finished the play, it was huge."

On the first drive of the game and going for it on fourth down:

"Look, we knew that this was going to be a game, it was going to be hard for us to win the game for us to kick field goals down there. We knew we were going to have to be aggressive in certain areas. And that was an opportunity that we felt like we could be aggressive. Look, the next time we were down there I thought about going for it again on fourth down but we took the points there to make it a two touchdown game and felt like at that time that was the right decision."

On Saints defensive end Cam Jordan setting the franchise sack record and what it means to him having been in New Orleans for most of his career:

"Does that mean I'm a big part of it? (Laughter). (Jordan) won't let me take credit for it, but I'll take a little credit. (Laughter). No, that's awesome. It's awesome. Cam has been a great ambassador for our organization, for the entire National Football League. He has been a great player and probably an even better person. I couldn't be happier for our guy and it's an awesome accomplishment."

On what he has learned the last five weeks of the season:

"I don't know that there's something I found out about them. I think I already knew. I've been saying this. I think we've had a tough, gritty group of guys. I know we haven't won as many games as we would've liked, but when you look at all the things this team has been through this year and continue to fight and scratch and claw. We've been in every single game and we found a way to close them out in the last three weeks. So that's been good to see. That's the type of team I think we could be."

On what the determination to win does for the team's culture and identity:

"I just think it shows we're all on the right track. We're not there yet but we're on the right track. We're moving in the right direction. To have success starts with people in your building and I think we've got a lot of the right people in our building."

On what it means to still have a shot to make the playoffs:

"We're still playing for something. I haven't paid much attention to it so I don't even know what happened today. I think our focus really has been to take care of our business. We set out three weeks ago that we wanted to try to go 4-0 and that's all we could really control. We've been able to get three of them and we've got another tough opponent next week and we'll be excited about going home and playing (the Carolina Panthers)."

On how tough it was to navigate Saints cornerback Marshon Lattimore's injury:

"Well look, yeah, Marshon is not the best communicator in the world either. I know you guys have tried to talk to him before. It's been a challenge. But I also know that I've been with Marshon here since 2017 and he's battled through things before. Last year he broke his thumb in the first game of the season, had surgery, and I think he missed a week and was back right after that. It's just good to have him back. I thought he played well today. I'm excited that he's back in the fold."

On how they game-planned for their cornerbacks:

"Look, we like a lot of what Alontae's (Taylor) been doing. We like a lot about what Paulson Adebo's been doing. We like a lot about what Marshon Lattimore brings. These are good problems to have. We felt like that was the game plan going in. I feel like we played pretty well defensively today. I feel like that kind of worked in our favor today."

On their decision not to play Trevor Penning after right tackle Ryan Ramczyk was injured:

"We've been repping Trevor (Penning) at the jumbo tight end for the last three or four weeks. I don't know if it's fair to have him repping in one spot, repping in one spot, repping in one spot and all of a sudden we're just going to throw him out (there). There could've been a lot of shuffling of the deck that could have potentially been involved in a move like that. We felt like one-for-one plug and play, felt good about Landon Young. We'll see where we're at next week. We'll see what the plan will be next week. We'll talk about that. We felt like in this game that was the right thing to do."

On how tough it was to give up six sacks:

"It's a challenge. A challenge. I really felt like after (Ramczyk) went down, well really in the first half, I felt overall we did a pretty good job. It became a little more difficult later in the game. Look, I feel like those guys overall with what they were faced with did a pretty decent job. I think Andy (Dalton) would tell you this, probably a couple that he might have been able to step up in the pocket and maybe avoid one of them. But look, it was big for those guys to be able to step up and at least give us a chance. That was good to see."

Saints quarterback Andy Dalton

On how they have battled these last few weeks:

"I think if you just look at our season, we have had games similar to the last couple, but we haven't been able to finish them. The last several games we had we have been able to find ways to win. I think that's one thing when you look at our season, we are going to look back at several games and say, 'Man if we would have done one or two more things' then the record could look a lot different."

On how big the first drive of the game was:

"Yeah, I think that's exactly what we did. I think we set the tone early on of what we were going to be today. There are the ebbs and flows of the game, which is natural of how this thing goes but for us to start fast that way, have a long drive, end in a touchdown, I mean that's exactly how you want to start."

On Cam Jordan setting the franchise sack record:

"I have followed Cam for a long time, just being in the same draft class. It doesn't surprise me that he set the record. Such an unbelievable achievement for a guy that does things the right way and is a great player. I am definitely thankful that I am on the same team as him."

On how Jordan brought up the sack record:

"We knew. He got a game ball at the end. He set the record, as he should. I think he's feeling pretty good today."

On the offensive efficiency in the first half:

"We were in a great rhythm. I think that's one thing, it felt like we were getting in that huddle, guys were making plays. We were efficient in what we were doing. That allowed to have that long drive. I mean, converting on third down, fourth down, whatever it took. I liked that we were aggressive, going for it and all that kind of stuff. Like I said that's how you want to start a game."

On having Saints Marshon Lattimore back:

"I think everybody was happy Marshon was back out there."

On how the offensive line adjusted with three starters out and right tackle Ryan Ramczyk getting hurt:

"I think it's a testament to those guys. Our group that we have. We have a ton of guys that just step up whenever their number is called. I think it goes from (offensive line coach) Doug (Marrone) and (offensive line assistant) Zach (Strief) getting those guys ready to go each week and I don't think we missed a beat out there."

On the offensive line having the next man up mentality:

"For sure. You know I have got a ton of confidence and faith in those guys and they have proven it each week. A ton of confidence in everybody."

On how proud he is for the run this team has made:

"There is no quit in this team and I think that shows a lot. I think when you look at how you finish a season, there is a lot to say for that and there is a lot you can carry over and you want to be playing your best football at the end of the year and I feel like we are doing that."

New Orleans Saints quarterback/tight end Taysom Hill

On the offensive advantage in first quarter and how things were going:

"I mean I felt like everything was clicking. First and second down was really good so we got ourselves in third and manageable situations and had some really big third down conversions but we ran the ball really well in that opening drive. Man, if you can run the ball well it sets everything up. And we kind of saw that early in that game."

On the fourth down call early in the game, what he saw on that play and if he liked the idea of being aggressive in that situation:

"Yeah, for sure. Fourth and short there. We talk about this gaining numbers with me and the quarterback. And that was just one of those design runs where let's get in heavy personnel and we have enough faith and trust in our guys to get us the surge and get us one yard."

On it being a tough season but having won three in a row and what it says about the team to be finishing strong:

"I think it's a reflection of our leadership from the top down. I think if you see some of your leaders, coaches or players, that aren't giving what you expect or what you are used to seeing I think that can trickle. But I think it's been the exact opposite. I think you are seeing guys put more into it and saying 'Hey, the expectation is that we are going to go and put our best foot forward and do everything we can to win every game.' And we've seen that and it's nice to come out and have some momentum, have some confidence, you know, looking at the future."

On having trouble finishing games at times but then being able to run out the clock especially against this defense:

"Look, I have a lot of respect for that defense, that front seven. But I think that goes to show you how well our guys played up front too. It's a tough situation to line up and run the ball when you know it's going to be run and be able to roll off a few first downs and to get on a knee. So man, that is a lot for a team offensively, especially upfront, you know, their confidence."

On what the difference is between earlier in the season and now with closing out games:

"I don't know. It's hard to give you a really insightful answer just off the top of my head. We had a lot of turnover here in the last few years and I think you're trying to figure out what is this team's identity going to be. As you get toward the end of the season, you start to see who we are and what we're going to do. I think it's a reflection of really good leaders in the building and guys stepping up and making plans when they have an opportunity to finish games."

On how he would describe the identity of the team:

"I think it's kind of a whatever it takes. I was joking with (tight end) Juwan (Johnson), you know Juwan for three or four plays in a row was kind of coming across the line of scrimmage and having to kick out defensive end that knows he's coming. It's that mentality that 'Hey, you know I'm coming but we're still going to be successful here.' I think everybody has accepted their role and embraced it. You see a positive result when that happens."

On how cool it was for Cam Jordan to break the franchise sacks record:

"It's awesome. He's been my teammate for six years. He's a guy that I really respect. He's a great locker room guy. He's a great leader. We talked about the identity of this team and figuring out who we are. He's one of those guys that's right in the middle of all of it. To see him having the success that he has had and to see him break the record today was pretty cool."

Saints cornerback Marshon Lattimore

On what he saw from the Eagles that lead to his interception:

"They've been doing it all game, I just picked up on it and when it came to me I had to get it. I told my team that I owed them for the first half, I owed them that and so I got it done."

On if there was some rust in his first game back:

"The whole first half I was trying to get the rust off. When the second half came, I got more into it. That's when all of the plays started happening. It felt good to be back."

On how hard this season has been not being able to play:

"It's hard but I know that this comes with it. The NFL is a rough game anyway. You all know it's going to come with it but I just have to get over it any time I have a situation like this."

Defensive end Cameron Jordan

On the team's victory today:

"Yeah. We got a win against a team that hasn't lost a lot. Granted it was against Gardner Minshew and not Jalen Hurts. You have to play whoever you play. I think that our defensive line was up to the challenge, Carl Granderson had two sacks, Kaden (Elliss) had a sack. I appreciate him. Our defense showed up and showed out today. There was a crucial third-and-1 we needed and got that done. There was a fourth-and-1 we got that done. I think our unheralded heroes would be our nose tackles. Shy Tuttle on that fourth-and-1 had a big stop against a Pro Bowl-caliber center. It takes a whole team, we talk about Marshon showing up and getting on the field and doing what he does. You love to see it. I've been pressing him for weeks but he's got to be right to play this game. You've got to be mentally acute if you will, to be a part of that DB position and when he's healthy he's one of the best."

On starting off 2023 well:

"I'm stepping into 2023 with a beautiful fu manchu. It won't be here long, I'm over it. I'm just overly happy to give the Lord praise for waking me up this morning and giving me breath and we're well into 2023. What are we 16 hours into 2023? And we had three sacks today, that's a really good way to start 2023. Don't know what tomorrow's going to hold but Jan. 1 was a good day."

On what broke free for the team:

"It was just one of those games that eventually you're going to find where the quarterback wants to escape through the B-gap and I wouldn't say hold the rock because he started wheeling and dealing in the second half. Just one of those games where all the things were working, you know they had offensive lineman missing. Whatever that was we were in sync. We knew going into this game it was going to be our defensive line vs. their defensive line. We were going tit for tat. I was talking to (Eagles defensive end) Brandon Graham as we're switching out like "hey man just know we're still coming" and he was saying "we're going to get the deal done" but not with my defensive line. I love that friendly banter. You know how stacked their defensive line is, they rush five like I dream of that."

Check out the game action from the New Orleans Saints win against the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 17 of the 2022 NFL season.

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