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Sean Payton's Wednesday conference call

Audio and quotes from Sean Payton's Wednesday conference call with local media

New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton
Conference Call with Local Media
Wednesday, December 30, 2015

How impressive has Terron Armstead's season been, given that he has been dealing with the knee injury?

"We were just meeting this morning, kind of going through the upcoming game and then kind of going back and talking about the game we just played. I would say this, it was one of the gutsier performances I have seen in a while. We were banged up at the position, and in a lot of cases guys would have just said 'Guys, I can't go' but it's been fantastic. There isn't a left tackle I would trade him for in the league. I really like the way he has progressed. He is smart and athletic, and last week when you watch the tape, if you watch it, you can see that he is not 100 percent and he fights through it."

Is there any difference in the way you prepare this week? Is your total concentration on this week and not on the future?

"No, our focus is exactly what it is each week, on our preparation. There is not one thing that's changed. We just finished going through the numbers and we go back over what the keys to victory were the first time we played them and we talk about the opponent since then. But in preparation, and how we are practicing, it's identical to what we always do."

Is Terron's injury sort of the same thing all year or did he have some sort of set back?

"No, there was no setback, but man it's just since he had the scope. This offseason, when it comes, will allow him some time to get healthy and get 100 percent, but I think when you play a Monday night and flip around quickly it affects guys like that a lot."

He had a scope of his meniscus?

"I'm not going to get into the specifics."

Was there a corresponding move to get RaShaun Allen onto the roster?

"Yes. We'll announce it this afternoon. In fact, I am going down to see Mickey (Loomis) right now. Yes, there will be."

Max Unger has missed games with injuries the last couple of seasons but has missed only one snap this season. What has been your assessment of his play and has he been what you expected and hoped for when you traded for him?

"Absolutely. I think he has had a good season. He has been healthy. He is smart, durable, he has been an outstanding leader and he is extremely athletic. I love the prospect. Just watching him each week, there is a certain readiness you're going to get. I think it's key with some of the younger players on the offensive line."

In the final weeks of the regular season, is there value in getting younger players like Seantavius Jones, RaShaun Allen or Ryan Seymour onto the active roster and securing their rights, rather than having them end the year as free agents? Does that factor into the decision at all?

"Usually, it is not difficult to do. If you watch the waiver wire in the next week, or even last week – as soon as you get to this stage of the season, a handful of players that might be injured that need two or three weeks to recover, allow you that spot. I think definitely, for us to be able to protect those players, and also possibly get them up and get them a chance to play in this game."

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