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Saints transcripts: Marcus Davenport and Erik McCoy Virtual Media Availability | Monday, Dec. 13

Saints players look ahead to another prime-time matchup against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday night

New Orleans Saints Defensive End Marcus Davenport
Virtual Media Availability
Monday, December 13, 2021

Does Kwon Alexander owe you a half a sack?
"Nah, nah, he got there. So, shoot, he doesn't owe me anything."

We've seen you do this a few times to offensive lineman as you were basically kind of bull rushing them and running them over. I think you've kind of told us how you set them up, but was it pretty much the same yesterday?
"Sometimes it's a called play, sometimes it's kind of set mindset, that one is just kind of one of those plays where it's kind of my job."

What does it feel like to get back in the win column?
"I know, we needed a win and it's one of those things where even though we got the win, we know we still weren't where we want it to be and it's just only a step in the right direction, so it's only going to help us (going forward)."

What was it like with Cameron Jordan actually not being at the game?
"Weird, I texted him before he sent me a message and didn't see it until after the game. But it was definitely weird. It was just (different), you didn't feel the exact same presence, you knew something was missing. So we're looking forward to getting him back whenever that is."

What was your job on that play where you blew up the play and Kwon Alexander got the sack?
"Run through somebody, pretty much."

What are your thoughts going into this second matchup against the Buccaneers?
"It's going to be a different kind of game. We watched them versus the Bills and over the last couple of weeks and it's going to be a good game, that we can obviously tell and we'll see from there."

What's been the recipe for having success against the Buccaneers over the last two years?
"Oh, no, I wouldn't say there's a specific recipe. I think for the most part is just how we handle business, especially throughout the year. So like this year, we're just trying to get back on that track of following our details. So I think (if) we fall back to our details, we'll be pretty fine."

Why do you think the defense has been so successful against Tom Brady?
"Honestly, I don't know, like I said, our details, I can say that's one thing that we have to continue to improve on and one thing that's really worked for us over these years, so that's part of it."

What are your thoughts about Frank Wilson going back to LSU?
"I'm happy for him, happy that he's close. I didn't tell him (directly), but I told somebody else that left to go to LSU that I got to come down there and see them. (It's) definitely good and I got to go give him a big hug."

New Orleans Saints Center Erik McCoy
Virtual Media Availability
Monday, December 13, 2021

Are you guys as a line going to fine Calvin Throckmorton for blocking that Alvin Kamara screen play?
"Ah, shoot, we have not watched the film yet. We are going to do that in a minute (this morning). But probably so, yeah."

What was the atmosphere like on the plane ride back last night?
"Yeah, man, it just felt good. I mean, I went to sleep. But you know, I heard the guys talking and laughing and it was just overall a good environment and a good place to be in, so we're looking to carry that into another week."

Do you have a sense of where you stand in the playoff race?
"I have absolutely no clue. I'm kind of guy that just takes it one game at a time, one week at a time and just kind of focus on that and not the huge picture, so I don't know where we are."

What kind of an element this Taysom Hill bring to this run game?
"Yeah, I mean, he has a big escape the pocket ability. He knows he has the ability to make guys miss quick and get outside the pocket and rush for 30-40 yards because he's just that skilled. I think it adds another dimension to the offense when you have a guy like him back there."

When he's scrambling like what do you have to kind of be aware of when that's going on?
"I am just like, hey please slide, do not try to run somebody over or hurdle somebody because we do not need you getting hurt. But uh, that has not really panned out yet (laughter)."

He slide once right?
"I mean, yeah, he wanted the touchdown (laughter). I understand, yeah, I get that."

How instrumental was it to get Terron Armstead back in the lineup?
"I think it was huge, you know, he's the leader the o-line. He brings a physicality and a leading voice that is kind of unmatched so it was great having him back."

How hard has it been game planning without Terron and Ryan Ramczyk not being in the lineup recently
"I feel like I say this a lot, but we're big on the next man up mentality in our room. James Hurst (has) filled in and he's done a great job. Jordan Mills filled in and did a great job, even the one game to Landon Young played he did a great job. Guys are stepping up and guys are playing well in those positions."

Do you think the run game can do the things yesterday consistently down the final stretch of the season?
"Yeah, that's what we are hoping for. It is definitely nice when you can have the run game going like we had to go on yesterday. We just have to come in every day with our hardhat on, go to work and pay attention to the details and try to carry it over week to week."

Did you see the postgame incident with the fans getting tackled ended the Demario Davis?
"I actually didn't. I was talking to one of my former teammates with the Jets. Yeah, I didn't see it, but I heard about it postgame and I was like, that's wild. Always something."

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