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Saints transcripts: Sean Payton, Marquez Callaway, Paulson Adebo, Shy Tuttle media availability | Saturday, Oct. 23

Saints head coach, players look ahead to Week 7's game against the Seattle Seahawks on Monday Night Football

New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton
Local Media Availability
Saturday, October 23, 2021

How will you guys be prepared for this potential weather event in Seattle?
"We've had the wet ball stuff going. We've played there before in inclement weather, certainly it sounds like more. I think the wind is a big factor here. The rain can be. We talk about it everyday. You understand how your game shifts oftentimes, it's not unusual for the weather. We're seeing the same forecast (as you guys) every day."

Does the play-calling change?
"Absolutely it does. Yes."

The Seahawks are putting Matt Hasselbeck in their Ring of Honor on Monday night, what do you remember of him as a player?
"I remember working him out at Boston College, I was at the Giants I believe. We had a meal in one of the dorms and I remember calling him during the draft. I remember, he made a throw in our playoff game in '10, I want to say it was third or fourth down. He gets hit as he throws it into a zero blitz. It was an impressive throw. It was a critical play in that game. You would have to go back and look at it, but he's been a tremendous not only player, but person, ambassador to the league. It's a good honor."

When you talk about finding your identity as a team, what are the things that go into it?
"I think it starts with that team's personnel. Believe it or not you're always getting educated as a coach, learning more and more about the players. I think it starts with that. You're spending a lot of time on the fundamentals, grit and toughness, how to win each week but specifically to your identity, a lot of it has to do with your personnel."

It's not something you're trying to fit into a preconceived notion or anything like that?
"No, you're trying to use your personnel better where you can."

Alvin Kamara said yesterday that you like proving people wrong, that when you get in these situations for example with injuries, hurricanes, people are doubting you?
"It's human nature. Forget sport, it could be anyone's industry. You don't feel well one day, you miss (time), so you have an excuse built in for your performance. One thing about this environment is it's obviously very competitive. You're going to have to overcome some obstacles, every team is, it's not just one team. Nobody wants to hear that this is the fifth of six road games, how many starters you are out. That happens in our league. Hopefully we get healthy near the end of the season and are playing better. I just think it could become an easy exit door."

Is that something you learned from Bill Parcells?
"Probably a number of people. Bill was really good at identifying (issues). When an injured player would come back into the lineup, Bill would make sure he wasn't dipping his toe in the water and was all in. It wasn't if he didn't play well, then you had a reason. I think he was real good that way."

Malcolm Jenkins said you guys have had some of the best practices of the season, have you sensed that this week?
"I think it's been real good. We had time off obviously and it's been competitive."

Has your attention to detail always been something you've developed or has it been natural?
"I think you develop it as a coach. You understand every little thing matters. If it matters on the football field, then it probably matters in the weight room, locker room, food room, training room, it probably matters in everything you do, because how do you separate, where this doesn't matter. Certainly there are priorities."

Not related to this game, but do you remember this being the tenth anniversary datewise of Pete Carmichael calling the plays in a full regular season game for the first time and the team setting the franchise record for scoring in a 62-7 win over Indianapolis?
"I saw that (laughter). We made note of it in the quarterback meeting today. Here's what I remember. Obviously I had just had the surgery on that Monday so it was that following Sunday night. Sunday Night Football and I don't know what the score was at halftime, Peyton (Manning) was hurt, so they were shorthanded. We did a lot of good things. Believe it or not we had just lost to Tampa. That was going to begin a good roll here, a good stretch of games. I don't know if we had another loss somewhere in there but we were going to win the next ten of 11 or something like that. We had a real good team. Pete got a game ball and anytime anyone of us is absent in doing what we do and someone excels while we are absent, I look where I have to hurry up and rehab this leg (laughter). Yes, I remember it."

Is there a stat of the week?
"Our red zone numbers are good. The one thing you look at is stare at our offensive red zone numbers and say the one thing is we need to get there more, because we're operating at a pretty high level defensively the same way. That would be it. State of the week would be the mile per hour wind."

You guys signed Brian Johnson and had to keep him up for three weeks regardless of if Wil Lutz is ready or not, is he in particularly a strong kickoff leg or anything or is that until Wil's ready for sure?
"We really like the prospect, so each week we're closely evaluating Wil. It doesn't suggest that Wil won't kick for three weeks. It's not a big price to pay rosterwise."

With new practice squad rules, does that make it easier? Is it easier to stash somebody?
"You're not stashing really. It's certainly much more flexible, relative to bringing players up, but it's not like you're gaining. Everyone's operating at the same number count. Clubs have and to the players benefit. They have more places to be if you're a football player. When the practice squads were lower, there were less places to be. Veterans can now be on the practice squad. Younger players can be on the practice squad. When you hear the term developmental league, I kind of look at it that you're developing everyone."

New Orleans Saints Cornerback Paulson Adebo
Post-Practice Press Conference with Local Media
Saturday, October 23, 2021

How does the weather this weekend affect you?
"I played up there in a rainy game in college at Washington. I mean, just making sure you have the right shoes on. Obviously, traction is a huge thing. Other than that, just come in with the same mindset each game."

How do you practice for a rain game?
"You can't really recreate rain. Just mentally, get your body right knowing you might have to wear different shoes, so you don't slip out there during a game. Other than that, just come out and be ready to play."

Every week presents a different challenge. Do you look forward to some matchups more than others?
"I try to keep each week in front of me and give it my best. I'm not trying to overplay or underplay depending on who I'm playing against. I just try to come in and compete every week."

What do you see from DK Metcalf on film?
"He's a big, fast, physical dude. He's quick. He seemingly has all the attributes. He's obviously a great receiver and someone I'm looking forward to competing against."

What do you see from Tyler Lockett on film?
"A smaller version of Metcalf. He's quick, can run every route and take the top off the defense. You have to have good eyes when you're covering him."

Facing mobile quarterbacks in previous weeks, does that help with facing another mobile quarterback like Geno Smith on Monday?
"Yeah, for sure. We always see their receivers staying alive down field on broken plays. Next thing you know, they throw it down field for 20 yards. Again, it's just about having good eyes."

With a mobile quarterback, what's it like having to extend your coverage time?
"You might have to cover."

New Orleans Saints Defensive Tackle Shy Tuttle
Post-Practice Local Media Availability
Saturday, October 23, 2021

How do you feel things have gone for you so far this season?
"You know, trying to get better each week. Things have been going well. That's the goal, just trying to get better each week."

Does the rain and wind factors change anything for you on Monday?
"No, I don't think so. Each week we're going to go out there and compete. They're going to roll the ball out there and we'll be ready to go."

What is your expectations for the Seattle offense without Russell Wilson?
"Their offensive line is doing pretty good. They run the ball well. We'll have to come out there and compete and do our thing."

Are people reading too much into the sack numbers being lower this year?
"I mean, I personally haven't been on social media that much. As long as we win, that's all I'm worried about."

How much does it mean to make a team one dimensional?
"It's pretty big. We pride ourselves on stopping the run. If we stop the run, we can make a team more one-dimensional, which helps us."

How do you go into a game dealing with a mobile quarterback?
"Everyone just has to execute, do their job, and trust in one another."

New Orleans Saints Wide Receiver Marquez Callaway
Post-Practice Local Media Availability
Saturday, October 23, 2021

How do you prepare for a rain game in a dry environment?
"You really cannot prepare for that. Elements will play a factor and that is just a part of football. You just have to go out there and try to adapt to it. They obviously have the home field advantage and they're used to it. They live there and play there all the time so they're used to it and will probably have the upper hand in that regard. You just have to go up there and adapt so we can play our best game up there. You just have to go up there and play."

How much do you embrace the challenge of playing a game like this?
"Just going there and trying to take care of our business. Hopefully we're not there for a long time so we can just go up there and handle our business and leave. Knowing (Seattle) is a historical place and great franchise, we'll try to bring a little New Orleans with us and have some fans up there to help us. I think that'll play a big part (Monday)."

How do you prepare for the disruptive Seattle fans?
"I've personally never played there but Coach (Payton) and everyone who has is harping on how loud it is. They're going to have the home field advantage with the weather and crowd. You see it there every week. We try to practice with the crowd noise and stuff so we can get a feel for it. This week should be special."

Do you wish you could've kept playing instead of having the bye week?
"Yes, a part of me does, but the physical part of me says thank God for the bye. I think the bye came at the right time. It was early in the season, but we have had a lot of injuries happening and it gave us a chance to heal up and come back this week. (Seattle) played last week so hopefully we'll have the upper hand on that end."

What'd you do during the bye week?
"Nothing. I stayed here and got treatment all week. So, I didn't even go home. My family will be up here next week, though and bring my dog for me."

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