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"I was real proud of how we played tonight, how we handled the week of practice. We spent a lot of time in the week talking about us, playing our best football. Although we were 4-2, we hadn't done that. We did a good team as a team, as a coaching staff, with our focus on how we were going to play. You have to spend time on the opponent, but we did that well.

"One of the components this week that really wasn't announced and for good reason was how we were going to handle the game logistically, not just me being in the press box but how we were calling the plays. A bigger issue is the involvement in the game plan on Monday, the involvement on Tuesday, and then it progresses through the week. I just gave the game ball to Pete Carmichael. He called every play tonight and he was outstanding. He's one of the guys that came in '06. He came from San Diego and became our quarterbacks coach, and later offensive coordinator. He's completely in tune to what we're doing and more than qualified to call an offensive game, and that was a heck of a first one for him.

"We'll have a chance to get back in a normal routine this week.

"I don't have any information on Mark (Ingram). The x-rays were negative. He'll be dealing with a bruise this week.



"I'm sure they (Mercedes-Benz) were pleased with the result of their first game. Our fullback, Jed Collins, wants to rename the end zone the Benz-Zones.

"No matter what happens, whatever we face, it's next man up. Pete (Carmichael Jr.) did a phenomenal job. It was a great execution of our game plan. It was a tough week for all of us and I think coming off that Tampa loss, we have a good standard for the way we operate and the way we play.

"Red zone efficiency got back on track, seven of eight. We're always thinking about the one that got away. We got big plays from time to time in both the run game and the pass game.

"We've got a lot of respect for that football team on the other side in what they represent. We just kind of hunkered down and just talked about the things that make us a great football team.

"Really everybody stepped up this week and picked up the slack. It felt like we still prepared just like we always do and it went off without a hitch. I think Sean would be the first one to tell you that.

(on scoring 62 points) "First of all, you've got to get a lot of opportunities to score that many people. Offensively, we scored on just about every drive. It was crazy."


(On getting a rhythm going with Brees) "Definitely. It feels good especially coming off my injury earlier in the season. I feel like I am in a groove.  Drew and I are on the same page and hopefully it continues. "

(On if he was surprised of tonight's outcome) "We expected to see a good Colts team coming in here. We were able to get up early and keep the intensity up for the whole game. "

(On coming back after a tough loss) "This was definitely the game that we needed after coming off the tough loss last week. The defense really played well tonight. We really played with a lot of intensity. We still have some things to correct, so we will go ahead and look at the film tomorrow. "

(on Jimmy Graham) "He's a guy that obviously is a very talented young player. It's kind of funny for me to be saying that, being an old vet now. He's worked extremely hard.

(on loss to Bucs) "We definitely took it to heart. It's unfortunate that it happened, but this was the perfect game for us to get back on track.


"It's fun playing games like this, when it doesn't matter what you call, it's working. Pete did a great job.

"It seemed like we were gone for about two months. It seems like each game I play here, it gets louder and louder.

"We've got to keep working. Tonight, Sean Payton was talking about us working on some things that we hadn't done well – red zone, turnovers and the running game.

"The whole practice I sat out (last week), I sat next to Sean Payton. He was jawing my ear off.

(on Marques Colston) "It's amazing just how he's taken me under his wing. Ever since camp started, he's a stickler on me in practice. He's been like my support this season with Shockey gone. He's quiet; he really only talks to me when I do something bad."


(On his last touchdown prior to tonight) "I think my last touchdown was my senior year of high school. However, I did score last year in the pre-season. This was my first touchdown in live action on Sunday when it counts. "

(On the interception) "We had a zone defense call and our line did an excellent job of getting pressure. It was the point of the game where we had established that we were going to be disruptive up front. The quarterback overthrew one and I was able to make the catch. I was able to get a return set up to the side and found my way into the end zone."

(On not being denied a touchdown) "I was hearing Gregg Williams' voice in my head. We have been talking about turnovers and scoring on defense. We got a turnover on the first series and it really set up the tone for the game.  It's something that you can keep talking about, but you have to capitalize on those plays when they come in the game.  We were able to do that today. Hopefully, we can build some momentum off this as we move forward in the season."

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