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Postgame quotes from Coach Dennis Allen, Jameis Winston, Cameron Jordan and Chris Olave

Allen: 'we're going to have to regroup and we are going to have to play better'

New Orleans Saints Coach Dennis Allen

Opening statement:
Disappointing outcome. We talked about the ball being the most important thing, Snd we did not play well in the first half. The turnover was a big play in the game. Obviously, the two missed field goals were big plays in the game. That is 13 points. We get back into the game and give up the explosive pass, missed tackle and the game was kind of out of hand at that point in time. Look, our guys fought. Our guys competed. We had some guys go down, some guys stepped up. But we're going to have to regroup and we are going to have to play better.

On the offensive penalties:
I don't know for sure. Couple of them I am not sure I agreed with, but certainly that is something that we have got to clean up, becuase really we are beating ourselves. We're beating ourselves with penalties. We're beating ourselves turning the football over. And that has got to stop.

On the offensive chop block on Mark Ingram II:
Again, I didn't see it. You know, looked at the replay and I wasn't sure what it was. But I am not going to comment too much on any of that though.

On what happened on the illegal shift penalty:
Yeah, we had a little miscommunication in terms of alignment. And so, we've got to clean that up. We have got to be better there.

On if he is surprised by offensive struggles:
Well look I don't know if surprise would be the word, you know. We've got a lot of new pieces and really didn't get a chance to work as much in training camp as we would have liked. But we've got a job to do. We've got to go out there and we've got to play better. We've got to perform better. We've got to coach better, and it starts with me. Look, we will head over to London, we will get ourselves ready and have a good week of work and get ready to go play the Vikings.

On the significance of wide receiver injuries:
Michael Thomas injured a toe. Jarvis Landry injured his ankle. Looks like Tre'Quan Smith had a concussion. We were really down kind of at the end there. We were really down to two receivers. So, we will have to evaluate and see where everybody is at, and how significant the injuries are and see where we go from there.

On how they will fix the turnover issues:
Well, look the one was, they did a good job of ripping the ball out. Look, it is a part of the point of emphasis and obviously we are not getting emphasized enough because we have had it happen a couple of weeks in a row and we have got to clean that up. And then look, some of the interceptions happen because you are trying to play catch up and you are pressing a little bit. I just think we've got to be better early on in the game. We've got to execute better. And so certainly, I think that starts with us as a coaching staff. We've got to put a good plan together and give our guys a chance to go out and be successful.

On the confidence level in Jameis Winston:
I think everybody, when you get in these situations, is looking for a place to place blame. There is enough mistakes to go around that I don't really want to go there. I feel confident with Jameis. Certainly, we all need to do better and that is what we are going to do.

If Winston is dealing with more pain management this week:
Again, you would have to ask him those questions. Certainly, he is a competitor. He is a battler. He is tough. Yeah, he is fighting through some things, and that is part of playing pro football.

What it would take for him to consider a quarterback change?
Well, I think all the elements around him have to play better. And so again, like everybody is looking for a place to go to look to place blame. I think we've got to play better as a football team in all areas, and not look to individuals really.

On teams blitzing Winston:
I am sure that is a part of their packages. Each week there is a different game plan. I know obviously there is a couple zero pressures we have got where there is going to be a free guy. And I thought they did a good job defensively of creating some pressure and attacking us, but I think that is a combination of things. I think we've got to do a better job of having our guys in a position to succeed in those situations, and sometimes take advantage of when people want to try and be aggressive with us.

Any concern with Wil Lutz?
Well, he's got to kick it through the uprights, but I've got plenty of confidence in Wil Lutz.

If he is not in a point to look at a quarterback change
No. No. No, look we all have to play better, and so I am not looking to single anything out. Obviously, we've got to make some corrections and we've got to do a better job as a group.

If Chris Olave's performance was a positive?
Yeah, look I thought he did some nice things in the game. Obviously, we have been able to hit him on some explosive plays down the field. I think that is a good thing. Certainly, we are going to continue to utilize him in that regard. Yeah, I thought he did some good things in the game.

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New Orleans Saints quarterback Jameis Winston

Opening statement:
We don't like to lose. That's just it.

On how the offense can start faster and maintain a rhythm:
Just have a better execution. Don't shoot ourselves in the foot.

On if he feels like he knows what he needs to do to execute:
Yeah, and we're going to continue to work at it.

On how his back is feeling:
Again, the most important thing is us executing. That's it. We can't shoot ourselves in the foot. We've got to find a way to finish drives and we will.

On the amount of talent on the offense and if he is surprised by the struggles they've had:
I believe in every guy that we have. I know together, we're going to continue to fight. We're going to continue to get better. We're going to continue to learn each other. We're going to find ways to be more productive.

On any plays in the passing game or decisions he made that he looks back on:
No. We just can't put ourselves in long down and distance. That's just on us. We've got to execute better.

On how the team can execute better:
Penalties. We just can't have penalties. Can't shoot ourselves in the foot. That's all part of execution. That's pre-snap things.**

On the injuries suffered by wide receivers:
We've got a bunch of resilient guys. I know Marquez (Callaway) came in and stepped up and had a big catch for us. Chris Olave did his job today. He did a good job. Hopefully we get these guys back and rolling. Get us a win in London.

On not being able to complete the drive after the big pass to Chris Olave:
Every drive matters. Certain things lead to another. As a team collectively, we have a good defense. We have great special teams. We have a great offense. Every team has to hold their end of the stick. When we shoot ourselves in the foot, that limits us. We just have to do a better job, especially offensively, that's all I can control, executing and being more proactive. I know we've got a bunch of guys that are bought in and are willing and able to execute.

On if his back can get better if he keeps playing:
I think it's going to get better. I believe it is. My focus is on us trying to find a way to finish drives. That's my main thing.

On if the back pain injury is a pain thing:
It's part of the game. You're going to get hit. The offensive line did a good job protecting me. They have a tough defense that schemed up some things, and they found a way to still get a hit on me. That's just them being who they are.

On some of the blitzes in the game by Carolina:
We had a good plan. I think they did a lot of zero pressures. When you run zero, you can't block them all. Having schemes, we did a good job scheming up plays to get the ball in our hands. The only sack that we had was in the red zone where we got sacked, it wasn't out of field goal range. Again, we put ourselves in long down and distance. We had a longer developing play and they brought zero, and we couldn't come block them all. That was unfortunate there.

On if he feels the leaders have to step up after a loss like this:
I think all of us are accountable. We receive anything that's going to come with this. I believe all of us are going to dig deep and find a way to persevere. That's a part of this game. Obviously, our leaders are called upon to step up in these times, but I think as a football team, that's the most beautiful thing about a football team, you individually have to assess yourself, and find a way to get better and what you can do to help this team.

On Tre' Quan Smith and Marquez Callaway adding to the receivers group:
I think just my connection with him. Since I first got here, I've been taking more reps than them. Than any of the other three receivers that I have. Definitely our connection. Both of those guys are just real tough individuals and they're long, and they attack the ball really well.

On if it's frustrating being 1-2:
My first year here, we were 1-2. This team and this organization has been here before. We're just going to find a way to persevere and get on a run. Look in. Assess ourselves and find a way to get better.

On him appearing frustrated on camera:
I take pride in trying to keep my poise. It probably was a reaction on something that I saw on the screen or something. I don't think it escalated from there. Looks can be very deceiving.

On if he is comfortable running the football right now:
My job is to throw the football and get it to the athletes around me. I think we've been doing a good job schematically getting some things out, but when it's third and long distances, teams are clamping on everybody and they probably got a guy watching me. When we have the third and 10 versus third and four, it's a different situation when it comes to using my feet. We don't do a lot of RPO things. That's just not part of this offense.

On if he feels physically limited throwing the football:
No, we just got we just got to continue to get better and find a way to persevere.

On his trust in Chris Olave and the double-digit targets two weeks in a row:
That was brought on upon us. Jarvis (Landry) and Mike (Michael Thomas) we lost them in the fourth quarter. That's how that ended up happening.

On if he talked to Alvin Kamara after his fumble:
That's probably the first time I have ever seen Alvin fumble. He's resilient. He's going to be okay. But it's our job as a team to have his back. He's going to be fine. AK (Alvin Kamara) is one of the best players in this league. I don't think he's going to think twice about it. He's just going to keep on getting better, and a way to be a better Alvin (Kamara.)

Saints running back Alvin Kamara:

On the loss:
We got to find our swag. When we're good around here, we usually play with a swagger and we're missing that right now a little bit. Part of it is our fault. We're just killing ourselves. We can't turn the ball over. We've done that three weeks in a row now. We can't have penalties. We're putting ourselves behind the chains and we have to come out with more energy. We have to come out faster. We're coming out flat for games and that's why teams are getting on us.

The cause of coming out flat:
We're going to figure that out in house. I think all these guys know each other's football character and personal character so it's going to be some stuff that we have to figure out but I'm sure that everybody is up for the challenge. It's nothing that anyone is shying away from. We know we have to get better.

Saints defensive end Cameron Jordan

On the loss:
Any time you let a running back, what do you end up with? 120 something yards? Second time this year a running back has had over 100 yards on our defense as an individual. That hurts. You knew you could affect Baker (Mayfield) and do what you wanted there, Christian (McCaffrey) can't have the day he had today.

On bouncing back after the loss:
We have to focus on what we have to do as a mission on defense. We talk about stopping the run. Today was not stopping the run. They averaged almost four and a half to five yards a clip. We start there. We'll work off everything else after that. It starts with the defense. It starts upfront. It starts with me. Starts with Shy Tuttle. Starts with David Onyemata. Starts with Marcus Davenport. It starts with the D line. We've got to clean up our stuff now. Luckily, it's game three. Because it's game three, every one of these games is every more important.

On if this is a time for leaders on the team to step forward:
I think that this is a time where we have a chance to capture a moment that has been given to us. I think we have leaders on all sides of the ball. We have the right people in the locker room. I think we have a lot of talent. I think we have a lot of vocal leaders as well. We have leaders by example throughout our building. This is the time where we're going to have to focus on what we do. Focus on in house. Clean up whatever it takes. Even if you say that there was a turnover made, we did not create a turnover on defense. It starts here. If we can create one turnover, we can create more. We can stop the run for two and a half yards a clip. It's going to bode well for us. You saw what happened in third and anything beyond five. Even third and short. It was still going our way. What we have to do is create more third and favorables for us. We have to create a turnover. I'm going to start there.

On if the team is questioning Jameis Winston:
I'm going to let you guys question Jameis (Winston.) I'm going to focus on what we can control. I do know that 14 points in the fourth quarter is cool, but not enough. That touchdown that happened in the fourth quarter. The screen that happened in the fourth quarter. That would've been more than sufficient for us to be in the ball game. Again, it starts with us.

Saints wide receiver Chris Olave:

On the loss:
I am a competitor, man, so when we don't win I don't really care about the numbers. I feel like we could get it going a lot earlier. We took a step forward, but I feel like there is a lot to clean up. We all got to clean it up as a team. We all hate losing so we are for sure going to bounce back.

Next man up mentality with wide receiver injuries:
Yeah, guys are in the NFL so when we get an opportunity we've got to take advantage of it. Sadly, we went down with a couple of injuries, but I know they are going to get back as soon as possible. I know they are all going to get treatment and rehab. Marquez Callaway and Tre'Quan Smith, they both stepped up in a huge way. I am proud of them and I can't wait to see what they do the rest of the year.

What he thinks went well for the wide receivers:
I mean we have been down these first three games. We all know we are going to fight. We are all competitors at the end of the day. We are not going to give up until there is no time on the clock. So, that is one thing I have come out with in these first three weeks. We believe in each other. We've just got to get that chemistry going and that rhythm going to be explosive the rest of the year.

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