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Jim Harbaugh, Colin Kaepernick talk about facing New Orleans Saints

Transcripts of San Francisco 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh and quarterback Colin Kaepernick's conference calls with the New Orleans media on Wednesday, Nov. 6, 2014

San Francisco 49ers Head Coach Jim Harbaugh
Conference Call With New Orleans Media
Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Was the trade last year involving Parys Haralson just a matter of the Saints having a need and you having a surplus? How did that come about? What do you remember?

"All great things about Parys, a real tremendous teammate and a good friend and a great football player."

Is it helpful to address with your team that the Saints have won 11 in a row at home, 20 in a row under Sean Payton at home? Is it a bad thing? Is it irrelevant?

"There is no question, they're an outstanding football team, well coached, and I just have tremendous respect for the Saints. Our focus is on training, preparing, and playing our best football."

What about dealing with the elements of the Mercedes-Benz Superdome? Is there anything you are doing to prepare that is different than when you go anywhere else? Is it kind of like going to Seattle?

"It's very loud, it's a great environment for football."

Speaking of dealing with the elements, do you always travel on Friday when you are coming East? Would you prefer that when a team from the West travels to the East that the game be played at least in the late afternoon?

"We play at varying times, some are on Thursday night, some are on Monday night, some are Sunday night, some are Sunday noon, one, or it varies quite a bit."

So it doesn't make a difference?

"I think that has been the norm, for all teams."

You are coming to New Orleans on Friday?


Do you view this a game in which both teams are desperate, at 4-4 with what the expectations were?

"We're at the halfway point, we're not where we want to be, and we certainly have to approach these games as single-game seasons. We have to be prepared for that, and as I said earlier, playing our best football is our goal, and winning."

How do you view Colin Kaepernick's mindset after last game? It seems like a lot of elite quarterbacks respond well to what may seem like an intensely disappointing moment at the time. How have you viewed his response to the end of last week's game?

"As a great competitor, he's always responded in that fashion, as somebody that finds the training, finds the medicine and looks to validate our team the next time he has the chance to step on the field."

How have you seen Colin mature as a passer in the pocket this season?

"He's been good. He continues to elevate his game. I am a great admirer in his talent, in his effort, in his execution."

Perrish Cox has obviously been good for you, can you talk about his contributions to the team this season? Did you expect him to respond the way he did to being called on to start?

"He is doing a fantastic job. He has been the shining star for our ball club and he's another guy that with his effort, his execution, his talent, he is making the most of his opportunities. Very pleased."

Any thoughts on the progression of the Saints defense? They have taken a lot of heat for the way they started out the year and they look much more comfortable to us the past three games. Obviously you study that with a much more expert eye, what do you think about that?

"I think it's an outstanding defense and it's one that takes film study, takes preparation, and that's where our mindset is. That's how we look at them, and approach them, and have great respect for what they do."

What do you find outstanding about them?

"I think they are extremely good up front, on the edges, very fast and aggressive flowing to the football, (and) tackle well. Secondary is playing very well, tight coverage and physical. All of those things."

Jonathan Goodwin is a very well respected guy here, did he have a similar role there?

"Absolutely. He's a football player, a great teammate and outstanding individual."

San Francisco 49ers Quarterback Colin Kaepernick
Conference Call with Local Media
Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Can you talk about your response to a disappointing moment for you in the last game? We've seen Drew Brees be very honest about his mistake and how he let the team down.  Is that how you feel like you have to approach this?

"Very much so."

Can you reflect on how that has gone through your mind?

"I've been going about business as usual. I have to make sure I'm ready to play my best game this week."

Can you talk about how you came in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome and won in 2012?

"It is very difficult to play in the Superdome. The Saints are a great team. They are going to be tough anywhere but especially at home. We have to be ready for it."

Have you all made a conscious effort to stay in the pocket more this year?

"That's determined on what the team's doing."

What do you see out of the Saints? Do they allow you to get out of the pocket or can you stay in the pocket against them?

"That would really be determined gameday based on what they're doing. They've shown a lot of different things on film."

Even at this point, you aren't going to shy away from running when you have the opportunity?

"No, if the opportunity presents itself, I'll take it."

Is there anything in particular you've noticed about how their defense is playing the past few weeks? The defense took a lot of the blame for the 2-4 start but they are looking more comfortable even after the loss of Jairus Byrd. What have you seen from them the last couple of games?

"They've been playing very well, very physical, very fast, and playing winning football."

You talked about staying in the pocket, there is a thought that defenses have caught up to the read option. Does it get tougher as you go along? Are defenses making you be more of a pocket passer?

"I mean, they have the opportunity to scheme those things so they'll be more prepared but at the end of the day it is our execution that determines the success of the play."

Did you get a chance to celebrate your birthday with friends or family at all?

"I hung out with some friends."

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