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Top Ten Tuesday: Latest 2021 NFL Draft big board - quarterbacks

View the Top 10 NFL Draft prospect rankings based on position


As your New Orleans Saints prepare for the 2021 NFL Draft, we take a look at the top 10 ranked players at various positions. The 2021 NFL Draft big board rankings are reflective of Bucky Brooks' top five 2021 NFL Draft prospects by position 1.0 and ESPN's NFL Draft "Best Available" list.

Here are the top 10 ranked draft prospects at quarterback:

2021 NFL Draft prospects - Quarterback | #1 Trevor Lawrence | Clemson

Trevor Lawrence | Clemson
2020 Season Stats: 69.2% CMP | 3,153 YDS | 169.2 RTG

Overview: Refined and polished for his age, Lawrence is the ultimate prototype for today's brand of franchise quarterback. He has great size. He also possesses elite pocket-passing qualities paired with dual-threat athleticism that makes him an unpredictable weapon on every down if play-callers are willing to expand their playbooks for him.

2021 NFL Draft prospects - Quarterback | #2 Justin Fields | Ohio State

Justin Fields | Ohio State
2020 Season Stats: 70.2% CMP | 2,100 YDS | 175.6 RTG

Overview: Like Dak Prescott before him, Fields enters the league with dual-threat capabilities but is more of a pocket passer with the ability to extend plays or win with his legs when needed. He was up and down in 2020, but a bounce-back performance against Clemson -- including an impressive second half after suffering an injury -- said a lot about his toughness and leadership. He sees the field fairly well inside the Buckeyes' quarterback-friendly offense but needs to become a full-field reader and prevent his eyes from becoming transfixed on primary targets.

2021 NFL Draft prospects - Quarterback | #3 Zach Wilson | BYU

Zach Wilson | BYU
2020 Season Stats: 73.5% CMP | 3,692 YDS | 196.4 RTG

Overview: Ascending quarterback prospect who possesses the swagger and arm talent to create explosive plays inside and outside the pocket. The gunslinger's mentality and improvised release points are clearly patterned off of one of his favorite players, Aaron Rodgers. However, his play is a little more reminiscent of a blend between Jake Plummer and Johnny Manziel coming out of college.

2021 NFL Draft prospects - Quarterback | #4 Trey Lance | North Dakota State

Trey Lance | North Dakota State
2020 Season Stats (One game played): 50.0% CMP | 1,49 YDS | 107.1 RTG

Overview: One-year starter who dazzled in 2019. Lance is mature for his age, but will be just 20 years old at the time of the 2021 NFL Draft. He's a rare dual-threat quarterback in that he's tasked with setting his own protections and reading the full field. Coaches rave about his football IQ and film work. They believe he will come into the league more football savvy than most of the quarterbacks in this draft.

2021 NFL Draft prospects - Quarterback | #5 Mac Jones | Alabama

Mac Jones | Alabama
2020 Season Stats: 77.4% CMP | 4,500 YDS | 203.1 RTG

Overview: Jones has above-average accuracy and a season full of eye-catching production. He displayed nice improvement as he grew into the position from 2019 to 2020. His accuracy and ball placement stand out and he throws a very catchable football with consistent touch on it. He's not much of an improv player but can hurt defenses with his feet once he leaves the pocket. The tape shows too much predetermined decision-making about where he wants to go with the football rather than letting the coverage and his progressions speak to him.

2021 NFL Draft prospects - Quarterback | #6 Kyle Trask | Florida

Kyle Trask | Florida
2020 Season Stats: 68.9% CMP | 4,283 YDS | 180.0 RTG

Overview: Trask is a stoutly-built QB prospect that's a prime example of perseverance and patience. Not becoming a full-time starter until his redshirt junior season, he had to show maximum amounts of patience prior to getting his chance under center. Going on to have a prolific career, he became a supreme leader for the Gators. A decisive and quick operator, he's a highly intelligent thrower that often attacks with a plan. He has thorough knowledge and smarts to attack all three levels of the field, as he's experienced reads in many different manners. A "grip it and rip it" thrower of quick game concepts on the perimeter, he's at his best when on schedule and able to take advantage of leverage throws.

2021 NFL Draft prospects - Quarterback | #7 Kellen Mond | Texas A&M

Kellen Mond | Texas A&M
2020 Season Stats: 63.3% CMP | 2,282 YDS | 146.9 RTG

Overview: From a statistical standpoint, Kellen Mond is one of the most prolific players to not only play in College Station, but also the SEC. He's a slim, but adequately built quarterback prospect who possesses lots of velocity with throws when able to step into them. With a high-elbow but snappy type of release, he has the torque and enthusiasm behind passes that enables him to be very efficient in the short to intermediate areas. Mond always displays high levels of poise as he often shows that he's never in a hurry. From his mechanics to how he deals with pressure surrounding him, he remains under control and focused on the task at hand.

2021 NFL Draft prospects - Quarterback | #8 Jamie Newman | Wake Forest

Jamie Newman | Wake Forest
2019 Season Stats: 60.9% CMP | 2,868 YDS | 145.4 RTG

Overview: Wake Forest quarterback Jamie Newman is a tools-y prospect with good size, arm strength, mobility, and poise. The Demon Deacons took full advantage of his dual-threat skill set, implementing spread concepts that afforded him simplified reads where if his first option wasn't available, he would have the spacing available to use his legs. Wake Forest also featured plenty of quarterback power and designed runs that allowed him to keep the offense moving with his legs. Newman is a terrific athlete and a physical runner.

2021 NFL Draft prospects - Quarterback | #9 Ian Book | Notre Dame

Ian Book | Notre Dame
2020 Season Stats: 64.6% CMP | 2,830 YDS | 144.3 RTG

Overview: Ian Book leaves Notre Dame as one of the most accomplished quarterbacks in school history. He's the school's winningest quarterback and is second on the all-time passing list for yardage and touchdowns. Book's NFL resume isn't quite as impressive; as he's an undersized passer who has thrived on extending plays outside of structure and relied on some dynamic skill players to win 50/50 footballs for him down the field. Trying to forecast Book into an NFL offense is a challenge; as he's not shown the ability to consistently win and thrive within the structure of an offense.

2021 NFL Draft prospects - Quarterback | #10 Sam Ehlinger | Texas

Sam Ehlinger | Texas
2020 Season Stats: 60.2% CMP | 2,556 YDS | 150.7 RTG

Overview: Ehlinger is a supreme leader that lets his play help galvanize his surroundings. Never afraid of the moment, he's not hesitant at all with accepting the moment and attacking it head-on. Ehlinger is a true play-maker that can become a bit of a sandlot type of quarterback. Playing within structure is an area where he's shown comfort, but his best plays come when off-script. A powerful and competitive ball carrier, the Longhorns incorporated him frequently in their rushing attack.

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