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Saints Host Local High School Students

Hahnville HS students part of job shadow program


The New Orleans Saints hosted a job shadow event on Friday, April 1 for eight students from Hahnville High School.

Upon their arrival the Saints practice facility at 9 a.m., the students were put through a comprehensive agenda by the club's youth programs assistant Ryan Murphy. Following an extensive tour of the entire facility, including both the football and administrative sides of the building, the students broke out to spend time with administrators from various departments. The purpose of this exercise was to show the students a perspective on the duties and what they should expect to encounter on a day-to-day basis from each of these trades. In addition, all of the administrators answered questions about their positions with the students as well as discussing how they got involved in the sports field and working for the Saints. Before departing back to their high school, the students ate lunch in the cafeteria.

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