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Saints, Army Host Career Day

Organizations visit McMain High School


The New Orleans Saints and the US Army hosted a career day event at McMain High School in New Orleans on Wednesday, March 16.

As part of collaboration between the two organizations, Saints assistant director of community affairs Elicia Broussard-Sheridan and US Army Corporals Alicia Lyons and Brown spoke to the students.

In a unique twist both Sheridan and corporal Lyons discussed their unique roles as women in a large sports organization and the military and the opportunities available to females at these organizations. Sheridan discussed the strong level of diversity throughout the Saints front office, as the New Orleans native and Dominican High School graduate discussed how she initially got involved with the team as an intern in the operations department to eventually move into her own position. She also outlined the positions that various females hold within the organization including Owner/Executive Vice-President Rita Benson LeBlanc and Vice-President/General Counsel Vicky Neumeyer.

"My message to these students is that there are great opportunities to see how organizations and businesses throughout this community operate," said Sheridan. "Doing  an internship, even if it is on a volunteer basis, is a great opportunity to gain experience that makes you more attractive to a future employer. In addition to a good attitude, employers are looking for experience. These are the types of things that can set you apart in a crowded job market after high school or college."

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