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Willl Smith's Facebook Interview

Defensive Captain talks run defense, trask talking & that "other" Will Smith

Saints defensive captain DE Will Smith answered five questions from fans submitted to the Saints official Facebook page ( during the team's media open locker room session on Wednesday. No. 91 discussed his role as a captain, the "other" Will Smith, his hardest loss, trash talking and run defense.

Q: What do you consider to be the most critical aspect of your role/job as a Defensive Captain? (From Danielle Brewer)

WS: "To lead the team on the defensive side of the ball any way I can. I need to lead by example and help guys that come into our system to learn the system."

Q: Who is faster and stronger - the Saints' Will Smith or Will Smith the actor? (From Bron Bronson)

WS: "Oh definitely me – quicker and stronger. A lot of people don't know this but coming out of college I ran a 4.4 forty and my bench and jump were off the charts (laughter.) I would have to say I am the stronger and faster out of the two. I will say he is the definitely better actor though."

Q: What is the hardest loss you have ever experienced? And by having that loss how has it motivated you since? (From James Robben)

WS: "I try not to live far in the past so I would have to say it was the most recent one last Sunday against the Falcons. I thought we worked hard and did every thing we needed to do to win the game but we just couldn't pull it out in the end. We have to work on our mistakes and move forward."

Q: Who is the best trash talker on the team? (From Kristen Harris)

WS: "Wow – that is a tough one. We don't have too many guys on the team that talk trash a lot but if I had to say one person for this season it would have to be Jo-Lonn Dunbar."

Q: What is the No. 1 thing you think needs to be done to improve the run defense? (From Michael Todd Kincaid) WS: "The most important thing is just keep doing what we have been doing but be more physical. I feel we have done well besides a few plays but guys just need to be a little more physical, play gap sound defense and surround the ball."

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