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What the Miami Dolphins had to say after New Orleans Saints game

Coach Joe Philbin, players met with the media Thursday night


Dolphins Coach Joe Philbin's opening statement:

"I thought that was a good finish to the ball game. I told the team a lot of games in this league are decided in the fourth quarter, inside of five minutes, so it was nice to see our guys step up and make some plays. We made a play on offense on fourth down, and we had a takeaway on defense when the game was on the line. So that's how you've got to finish games. It's nice to come back after losing the lead in the fourth quarter."

On the play of QB Pat Devlin: "We're going to have some tough decisions. We'll see. Pat has an excellent mastery of the system. He's got very good poise. He stepped up and made a play when we had to have one. We had to have a play. It was a critical time in the ball game and he and Marvin (McNutt, WR) hooked up…big play."

On the play of TE Dion Sims and of the tight ends overall: "I thought they played well. I thought he caught the ball well. There were a couple [of defensive players] who got him relatively quickly and he adjusted his body a little bit and made the catch. That part I was pleased with. I have to study the blocking a little bit closer. I thought overall the tight ends did well."

On the play of the defense: "I thought we played well in the first half. I thought we made some plays and got off the field after a rough first drive. We didn't do very good job of tackling, so we're going to have to study the tape a bit closer."

On not having any starters or second team players in tonight's game: "We had targeted – before the preseason began, we targeted the number of snaps we felt these guys needed to get ready to play a NFL season. We had met that goal. We were comfortable with that."

On if DE Dion Jordan will be ready for the home opener on Sept. 22: "We'll see."

On the play of the wide receivers: "I thought they made some plays. Brian Tyms is a guy who's been improving. He made a couple of catches out there today. Marvin [McNutt] made a big play. I thought they caught the ball relatively well. [Chad] Bumphis, I think, is a guy who showed some flashes early. It's a good group. Those guys improved as the season went on."

On if the team is ready for the regular season:"Yes. I thought we had an excellent training camp. We covered a lot of ground, a lot of different situations. Today was great for us. Again, to be down, and have to make a play on fourth down and have to defend a drive to win the game…all those things, you try to simulate that in practice, and you do it, but this is better, obviously."

On if he enters the final preseason game with cuts in mind: "We're going to watch the tape. We'll look at the tape and evaluate. There's decisions that still need to be made and as I told the team, every time you go out there it's important. So we're certainly going to look at the tape."

Miami Dolphins receiver Chad Bumphis on the pressure of playing for a spot on the team in the last preseason game: "That's my mind-set every day. I treat every practice like a game day because at this level, any day could be your last day. So if you treat Monday like a regular day, you might not be there the next day. So every day I go out there to attack the day and just try to get better."

On his own preseason performance as a whole:  "I thought I did well with the opportunities I was given. You always want to play more as a receiver. I thought the coaches did well to put me in a position where I made a few catches in the two minute drive. Just going out and showing what I can do is big for me."

On what he feels is the biggest thing he's shown the coaches: "Just production and being consistent in practice and in the games. Going out and making plays when they need you to."

Miami Dolphins defensive back Nolan Carroll on the team's performance: "It was a good game. We forced a lot of turnovers tonight. That was the emphasis for us from the start of OTAs, and the start of camp, and especially with the young guys, them getting out there and being able to create as many turnovers as they did."

On the defense's progression from the previous game to tonight: "I think it's been good. Guys have been clicking as a defensive unit. The chemistry is building. A lot of guys are starting to trust each other on the defensive side. You can see that from the first game to this last game now."

Miami Dolphins QB Pat Devlin on if he feels like he did enough to solidify a spot on the team: "That's up to the coaching staff, they have to do their job and make those evaluations."

On how he thinks he did:  "I think there is always room for improvement, I think I missed some throws early, I think we need to do better in the red zone.  Those are all things you can work on and improve on."

On what are his thoughts on teams keeping 3 QB v 2QB: "Absolutely, absolutely (laughing). No, I mean there are pro's and con's to everything and the coaches have to take all of that into account."

On how he handles the next couple days: "Yeah, it's out of my hands, my family came down, so I'm going to spend a little time with them.  Take care of my body I guess, and relax for the next couple of days.

On if he refuses to answer the phone: "No, no, you just face the music"

On how it feels to put so much in with the team, and realize it might not be there soon:"That's just the business, it's the league we're in and I think everyone needs to deal with that."

On how he felt about his performance after the great throw at the end of the game: "I think there's a lot of room for improvement; I think it was fun to get out there in a game situation.  Not going against our defense, it was a lot of fun."

On if he can explain the play to Marvin McNutt:  "It was a fourth down play and Marvin (McNutt) ran a great route, and he was singled up and the guy was a little bit tight.  I guess he was playing the down and distance, and Marvin (McNutt) did a great job getting by him"

On if he felt like he needed to have a good game tonight: "That's out of my control, I don't know how many they are going to keep, so I just have to go out and play my game."

On if tonight he wanted to show them he could play well: "You know what, I didn't want to push, I didn't want to try and throw the ball down the field every play.  You just need to play your own game."

On if he felt like the last two games were a tryout for him: "Every time you step out on the field, that's your resume, and you always need to approach it that way."

On his resume the first time he left the game tonight, when he thought he was done for the night: "Just like I said, I think there is a lot of room for improvement. There were some good things, but obviously there is a lot of room for improvement."

On if he feels better after he came back: "Absolutely, it's great to win a game and its great for the team to get that win."

Miami Dolphins WR Marvin McNutt: "It's definitely a great feeling to play like that, even though coaches have to make the decision. I just hope that I proved enough today that I want to be here.  I want to be a guy that can step up and make a play when it counts."

On how it feels to need to execute tonight, and actually accomplishing that: "Regardless, it's like that feeling, really like the first game.  Every game you go out there, you don't know how many reps you're going to get, so every rep you have to try to make it count.  The feeling going into it…this is my second time doing a preseason, so you just have to go and try and make it not as pressuring on yourself.  Just go out there and play football, you've been doing it for a long time, just continue to do the same thing."

On what happened on the touchdown: "I came in and ran a base go route from the slot.  (Pat) Devlin threw a great ball, looked back and didn't see it at first and all of a sudden saw it, stuck out my hands and God blessed me with the catch."

On if he feels like he's shown the coaches the consistency that they want: "I hope so. I hope that I have, and that I've been making plays throughout this camp.  I think I have, but it's not really up to me, it's up to the coaches. "

On knowing that 22 guys will be cut Saturday: "It kind of sucks, because you get to become really good with a lot of guys, develop some friendships that really kind of last you throughout your whole life.  It's a part of the process that you just have to go through.   What you have to know is that if you are one of those guys, like I did last year, something my family has always said, the sun will rise tomorrow and if you get another opportunity, make sure it counts."

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