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Watch 2012 New Orleans Saints Games Online

Watch 2012 Saints game live or On Demand in HD on your computer or tablet

brees_article_panthers.jpg and the National Football League are offering fans an incredible opportunity to catch NFL games this season LIVE or On Demand on your computer or tablet!

Below are different options for fans, in the United States and others internationally, to watch complete games (or condensed versions), listen to the gameday radio broadcast, watch highlights and have exclusive access to "Coaches Film" the same film from unique camera angles that NFL coaches and scouts watch to analyze games.

Coaches Film (included in Game Rewind and Game Pass):

*Two exclusive camera angles, "All-22" and "High End Zone" views, will be available for every play in 2012, as well as every play from the archived 2011 season.

*The "All 22" camera is positioned high above the NFL playing field and shows a view of the field that includes all 22 players at the same time. This All-22 camera view may be used to analyze all plays and players on any given play in a game.

*The High End Zone camera is positioned on either side of a field, high above the goal posts and behind the end zone. This camera angle shows what the play looks like as game action is happening coming toward or going away from the end-zone camera.

*For more information on Coaches Film go to

Preseason Live: (United States Only)
*NFL Preseason Live enables fans in the United States to watch live and on-demand NFL Preseason out-of-market games. 

*The only Saints games that will not be live with this package are the Pro Football Hall of Fame Game vs. the Cardinals on Aug. 5 (game will be aired nationally on NFL Network) and the game against the Texans on Aug. 25 (game will be aired nationally on CBS.)

*Preseason Live gives fans additional viewing options including picture-in-picture, dual and quad view modes, so fans may watch multiple games on the same screen. 

*Fans may pause, rewind, and replay live and archived game action with full DVR controls. 

*The Condensed Games feature will also be coming to Preseason Live this season, allowing fans to watch any preseason game in roughly 30 minutes. (Note: NFL Preseason Live does not include Coaches Film or telestrator option).

Sign up for Preseason Live HERE!

Game Rewind: (United State Only)

*NFL Game Rewind delivers to fans in the United States every play of every 2012 NFL Regular Season game online in HD and commercial-free, complete with DVR controls (after the game has aired on television). 

NFL Game Rewind also provides archived games from the 2009 season to present day.

Sign up for Game Rewind HERE!

Game Pass (Worldwide excluding US, Mexico, and U.S. Territories)
*NFL Game Pass offers fans outside of the United States every Regular Season game live or on-demand online in HD. 

*NFL Game Pass offers full DVR controls to let fans pause, rewind, and replay live and archived game action.  NFL Game Pass also provides archived games from the 2009 season to present day.

*Last year, introduced the "Condensed Games" feature to both Game Rewind and Game Pass allowing fans to watch every play, plus select replays of the biggest moments of each game in approximately 30 minutes.

Sign up for Game Pass HERE!

Audio Pass (Worldwide)
*This subscription provides live radio broadcasts for every 2012 Saints game, with options for radio broadcasts of other NFL games

*Westwood One and Univision streams included for select National games

*Spanish audio available for select teams

*All games from 2009-11 are available on-demand

* Game Center integration

Sign up for Audio Pass HERE!

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