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Vote in our #SaintsMovieDraft Final Four

It's down to the Final Four in our #SaintsMovieDraft


Which football movie character would make the best draft pick?

With less than a week until the NFL Draft, asks fans which fake football movie star would make the best draft pick in a 32-player bracket.

There has been an immeasurable amount of 2016 NFL Draft coverage. To take a break from the numerous hot takes and mock drafts, is asking fans to give their opinion on another draft: #SaintsMovieDraft. Fans will vote in a 32-player bracket comprised of four regionals: Quarterbacks, Wide Receivers/Running Backs, Linemen/Kickers and Linebackers/Defensive Backs. This bracket only consists of characters from movies not based on true stories (So no Friday Night Lights, Rudy, Remember the Titans ETC).The Elite Eight voting ended Monday,

Voting Schedule

Round of 32: COMPLETE
Sweet 16: COMPLETE
Elite Eight: COMPLETE
Final Four: Tuesday, April 26
Championship: Wednesday, April 27
Winner announced on Draft Day: Thursday, April 28

Below is the Bracket (Click here for a larger PDF version)



2. RB/KR Forrest Gump vs 5. QB Shane Falco

RB/KR Forrest Gump (Tom Hanks) - Forrest Gump

**Defeated 7th seed RB Spike Hammersmith in the Round of 32 *

**Defeated 3rd seed WR Rod Tidwell in the Round of 16 *

*Defeated top seed RB/KR Earl Megget in the Elite Eight Gump is an All-American at Alabama who ran kickoffs for touchdowns while going untouched - need we say more? Would also own the locker room ping pong tournaments.

QB Shane Falco (Keanu Reeves) - The Replacements

**Defeated 4th seed Joe Kane in the Round of 32 *

**Defeated top seed Willie Beamen in the Round of 16 *

*Defeated 3rd seed Paul Crewe in the Elite Eight

A Sean Payton-inspired arrival to the pros as he became a starting QB after the league went on strike, the Washington Sentinel signal-caller showed all the traits you want in your quarterback. Despite some pundits saying he folds in pressure situations, Falco's leadership was highlighted in the closing minutes as he launched a game-winning bomb to Brian Murphy to send his team to the playoffs to the tunes of David Bowie's "Heroes."

1. LB Bobby Boucher vs 2. K Nigel 'The Leg' Gruff

LB Bobby Boucher (Adam Sandler) - The Waterboy

**Defeated 8th seed S Trumaine in the Round of 32 *

**Defeated 4th seed LB Vontae Mack in the Round of 16 *

**Defeated 6th seed LB Luther "Shark" Lavay in the Elite Eight

One of the heavy favorites in this bracket as a Louisiana boy and a once-in-a-lifetime talent. A legendary tackler who covers the entire field. Not an injury risk as long as he has some high-quality H2O. Don't you dare talk about his momma!

K Nigel 'The Leg' Gruff (Rhys Ifans) – The Replacements

**Defeated 7th seed C Manumana in the Round of 32 *

**Defeated 3rd seed G Billy Bob in the Round of 16 *

*Defeated 5th seed G Ed Lawrence in Elite Eight

Insane leg strength that can boot a 65-yard game winner. However, his habit of smoking on the field and gambling on games are huge red flags.

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