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Vilma: "You Get Things Fixed with a W"


New Orleans Saints LB Jonathan Vilma
Media Availability
Wednesday, November 2, 2011

How much does it help you that you have played Tampa Bay already?
"That helps a lot. On top of that they're in our division so we see them twice a year each year. We're familiar with them, their coaching staff, what they like to do, and obviously their personnel. For us it's about executing the game plan, understanding their personnel, even more detailed than last time they played."

What do you remember from their offense in the first game? Did they throw a lot more than they normally do?
"I don't know if they did more than what they normally do. You look at Josh Freeman and his growth this season, they've been throwing the ball since game one against Detroit. I think that he's really starting to come into his own as a quarterback. He's doing some things out there. It's a progression of what he's been doing since game one."

Can you talk about the return of LeGarrette Blount?
"Blount is obviously a very good running back. Everyone knows he rushed for a 1,000 yards last year in not a lot of games. He has the size and speed, athletic ability. That always presents a challenge."

In a search for consistency, what kind of team do you think you are right now?
"You're as good as your last game. Right now, we lost to a team that was winless. That obviously put a damper in our spirits. We didn't execute well in that game, so that's who we are right now. That can certainly change after this Sunday."

What's nagging at your team the most?
"You get those things fixed with a W. You want to win the game first and then worry about corrections. Losing is what burns the most right now."

Do you feel like you guys have forced more turnovers in spurts or it's something more to work on?
"We always put a high emphasis, but at the end of the day we want to win the game first. Let's do what it takes to win next Sunday and not worry about what we're doing well or not doing well."

What's different in your team's preparation this week?
"I don't think much is different. I think that obviously when you lose a game, you try to analyze and be more critical of your play, I'm talking players, coaches, the like. That may be a little thing. That's natural. That happens every time a team loses. You want to be more critical of the things you're not doing well and harp on those things. Asides from that, there are not going to be any drastic changes right now."

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