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Update on Saints legend Mark Pattison's attempt to climb Mount Everest - May 14, 2021

Former New Orleans Saints receiver is attempting to summit Everest and become the first NFL player to climb the Seven Summits of the World plus Lhotse


Former New Orleans Saints wide receiver Mark Pattison arrived at South Everest Base Camp on April 12, 2021.

Our last update on Pattison's journey to the summit featured Pattison and his team overcoming an avalanche scare before hiking up the Khumbu Ice Fall.

On May 7, Pattison and his team completed their final rotation from Everest Base Camp to Camp 3.

The team was flown down from Everest Base Camp via helicopter to repair their bodies before going for the summit.

Pattison is attempting to become the first NFL player to climb the Seven Summits of the World plus Lhotse, the world's fourth highest peak, within 24 hours of summiting Mount Everest. Pattison has conquered six of the world's seven summits with only Everest left on the list.

His goal is to attempt to summit Everest roughly May 20, then trek up Lhotse immediately afterward. He will be using oxygen and will be climbing with Sherpas (elite mountaineers and experts in their local area). The group leader for the climb is Garrett Madison, the only American to summit K2 twice (the world's second-highest peak behind Everest).

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