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Transcript of Sean Payton's press conference following Day 5 of Saints training camp

New Orleans Saints Coach Sean Payton post-practice media availability for Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Opening statement:

"We signed wide receiver Tim Toon, he is number 19 and we released number 86 Brent Leonard.  Martez Wilson yesterday, dislocated his left elbow.  The timetable is going to be somewhere in between two and four weeks. When he returns we will fit him with a brace, hopefully that is sooner rather than later. Today we were in third down. There was a big emphasis (on) nickel."

With all the injuries, it seemed like you were mixing things up at linebacker?

"Well, we have enough numbers.  It is really just about getting a chance to see these guys in the team drills, but also in the one on one pass rush drills and some of the individual stuff."

Is an opportunity for the rookies to get some time?


Can Cameron Jordan be a leader of this defense?

"I think so. I think our players would consider him one of our leaders. He stepped up and probably played as well as anyone last season. He came in and he's in great shape. He's doing well. He is in great condition and he is a big part of what we are going to do."

What was wrong with Curtis Lofton?

"We just sat him out with a sore back. He will be fine."

Any update on Marques Colston?

"He is making progress. We will see where he is at."

What are some of the things that Chase Thomas has shown you to give him an opportunity to see more playing time?

"One thing, he is productive. If you watch the tape, you saw him make a lot of plays, so the productivity was something that stood out."

Any update on Tom Johnson?

"He has a hip (injury). He was in the pass rush drill yesterday and he too, might be a week.  Lofton, like I said, we just kind of took a conservative approach and sat him."

What is it like to have a guy like Zach Strief with all that experience?

"He's smart and he has a lot of experience.  He is probably in the best playing shape he's been in in a while.  He is injury-free.  He had an offseason where he wasn't really rehabbing an injury, but he is in the best shape he has been in in a while.  He is trim and he has played a lot of snaps for us. He is on year eight, he was in our first draft class and he is doing well."

What is your plan for Kenyon Coleman?

"I think his role and I was in Dallas when we signed him, he is a player that understands exactly what he does well and that is the early downs. He plays the run well. He can come off the block and still rush the passer.  But, his strength would be defending the run on first and second down, those run situations, short yardage, and goal line stuff. He is stout. He is very strong."

Do you expect Darren Sproles' role to be about the same in how he fits in the running and passing game?

"Yes, he is a guy that we treat a little differently.  We understand his strengths.  He is very smart.  He is elusive.  We just have to watch the amount of snaps, but yes I think for us his role is pretty defined and pretty clear."


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