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Thomas on RBs "Similar to Three-Headed Monster of '09"

Thomas says the 2010 Saints tailbacks are very similar to the core group of the team's Super Bowl season.


New Orleans Saints Running Back Pierre Thomas' Post-Practice Media Availability
August 24, 2011

How do you feel the defense has been so far during training camp?

"The defense is playing well and doing a good job out here, which is what you, want to see out of your defense. Offensively, we have to come together and we have to be more aggressive. Once we start stepping up we will definitely be more aggressive on the offensive line, with catching the ball and understanding our plays and what we need to do that works for us."

What have you gained from practicing here in Oxnard?

"Good weather (laughter). It feels good just with the love and support from fans out here. It shows that we have fans everywhere. It's good to see our fans out here and cheering for us. Whether we do a good job or bad job, you hear them say "don't worry about it, get the next one." They are pulling us up when bad things happen.

"It's good for us to come out here and get away to be together as a team. It lets us focus as a team. Being in New Orleans, you could do that but still have distractions. Maybe you have family members or friends out there that could distract you. Here, you are away from family and friends. You are just focused on each other and the task at hand."

How do you it will work with the group of running backs the team has this season?

"It is the same as it was with myself, Reggie (Bush) and Mike Bell in 2009. I feel it's the same way. You have (Darren) Sproles, who is a fast, quick and an agile guy like Reggie. You have Mark Ingram, who is basically both – he can be both. Then there is myself and I think I can be both too. I can be agile and add a little shake sometimes when I can pull it off. I see us as a three-headed monster as we were in '09. I see us as a good rotation and a dangerous backfield. Defenses are not going to know what to expect when all of us get in a good rotation or if we are in at the same time. You never know what the future might hold for us."

Do you feel like you have been able to concentrate better and get more reps in with the cooler weather here in Oxnard?

"You have to concentrate no matter what when you step on the field. No matter what the weather conditions are because sometimes we play in games when it is cold or it is hot. You have to adjust to the atmosphere. Being out here does give us a little more breathing room to hustle harder but no matter what the weather conditions are you still have to come out here and show up."

What will Mark Ingram and Darren Sproles specifically be able to add to this offense?

"It is going to be a changeup. You have a chance where myself and Sproles could be in the game at the same time, Ingram and Sproles could be in the game or Ingram and myself. It is a good change up to have three different backs in there – three dangerous backs back there. It allows our offense to be adverse and try new things with all of us. We bring different skill levels to the table. I see Ingram as a shifty guy but a hard-hitting guy who can move a pile. I see Sproles as kind of the same thing. He is a guy you can't really see in the backfield. I already talked to some of the linebackers and they said they can't see him at all when he gets the ball. He is quick and can catch the ball very well."

What will it take to get back to the Super Bowl?

"Focus, dedication and doing all the right things. Doing your job. That is basically what it is - going out there and doing your job. As long as you do your job, everybody is going to be alright."

How helpful was the time the players put in at Tulane during the offseason?

"It said a lot because you had the lockout situation going on where it gave a chance for guys to go on vacation and do what they want to do but guys on this team showed that they are not about that. They are about winning and trying to get back to the promised land. We have been there once and know what it takes. We are just trying to bring the rest of these guys, the rookies and newcomers, and let them understand what it takes and what route we are on and the direction we are trying to go to get back there. It showed a lot about the character in this team that we were not out there to party during the whole offseason break. We are here to work no matter what the situation was with the lockout. We were out there to work and improve."

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