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Tennessee Titans players, coach talk about loss to Saints

Quotes from post-game press conferences on Friday, August 15, 2014

Photos from the New Orleans Saints preseason home opener against the Tennessee Titans on Friday, August 15, 2014. Photos by Michael C. Hebert (New Orleans Saints photos)


(on the play of Jake Locker) "It was a good opportunity to see Jake operate the offense. It wasn't perfect, but there were a lot of good things about it. The offense, in general, responded with the first series, going down and scoring a touchdown. That's what you have to do, especially on the road in a hostile environment. I think that we just have to keep progressing with Jake. (We need to) keep working. Obviously, it is very encouraging tonight to see him operate the way that he did."

(on the play of Zach Mettenberger) "You can tell that we have a chance with Zach. He did a lot of good things. There are a couple of things that we've got to get cleaned up. The one interception is the only one that he wishes that he would have back. If he would have put just a little more air on it, it would have been a big play. He is a young guy. There is a lot to learn from situations like this. I think that it was very valuable tonight to get him so much playing time. That helps. He is doing a lot of good things, but he is making a lot of rookie mistakes. We just need to keep working with him."

(on how much the team planned on playing Mettenberger tonight) "When Charlie (Whitehurst) got his finger dinged, we were going on a two-minute drive right there just because we were ready to get Charlie out and we were planning on going with Zach. (The injury) just speeded it up a little bit."

(on the defense) "All you can do is look at what they did. We had another long series where we let them (Saints) score a touchdown. That's not what we want to do. I don't think that our defense will continue to do that. I think that we need to have a greater sense of urgency starting in other games....Whenever you put in a new scheme with players, you need to work through those things. Do we want (the growth) to happen faster? Yes. To me, it was more about mistakes. We still need to learn some of the nuances of the defense. We've got two more games to do that."

(on too many penalties) "That's part of the preseason. We are all working and trying to get better. We will continue to work. I am sure that the officiating crew (will do the same). It will work itself out."



"It was great to see the way we came out and started the game. We had two long drives and overcame some tough down distances. Overall it was something we can definitely build off of."

"It's no secret we turned the ball over tonight and we've got to clean that up. I mean when you look at the stats, one of the biggest things game after game is who's turning the ball over. When you win the turnover battle, you then give your team a great chance to win. We've got to do a better job offensively of taking care of the football."

"Yeah I think he (Zach Mettenberger) was really fired up for this game. Even before the game he told me he had a lot of adrenaline coming in and then he threw that touchdown pass to Justin (Hunter) and that was real awesome to see. For him to do that and be here in Louisiana where he played his college ball was great. He even had to go on a silent count because it was so loud out there with the fans cheering him on. That was pretty cool to see."


"It was great to be back (in Louisiana). We played okay, but we just turned the ball over way too much and ultimately that led to a loss. As a team we've just to have to have better ball security during the game. Offensively we did a lot of good things but overall we've got a lot to clean up tomorrow.

"You always have to prepare like you're the starter as you never know when your number is going to be called. Fortunately if you prepare the right way you can have a big play when you first get in."

"Getting those reps is real important. Last week I only got 16 but this week I was out there for a long time. And it will help now for me to watch tape on myself from this game and try to fix the negative things I did to play better for next week's game."

"That was a pleasant surprise hearing the cheers from the crowd. It's great to be well liked here in Louisiana that's for sure and I loved it. As a matter of fact we were out there in the shotgun doing regular cadence. We had to go to silent cadence because it was so loud out there. It's great to be back and playing in front of Louisiana fans."


"I thought we played real well, especially offensively. We went out and executed real well on those first two drives. Guys did well and the offense line really blocked great for me. I think we can still build on it though."

"I think it was huge that we responded right back when they (Saints) scored on the first drive of the game. There's going to be times during the regular season when the other team is going to stop us on a three-and-out and then they will score and we have to respond. And that's kind of what we did tonight."


"I think it was a good game for us on both sides of the ball. Hey, its preseason and a time to give a lot of guys experience out there. I think we could of stretched out some of the receptions as well as our return game, but overall I think we played well."

"Yeah, I had one (return) where I thought I was going to break it, and that shows we are getting close to being where we need to be. All of the guys here in the locker room are working hard to make this a good season and we have to keep working hard to make that happen."


"I thought it was huge that our offense came out on the very first series and responded to the Saints scoring first. We didn't hold them at the very beginning of the game but the offense helped our defense by scoring and giving us time to rest."

"Overall this was a real good test for us. With their high powered offense, we will now look at the film and prepare for Atlanta next week."

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