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Shayne Graham: 2013 season in review

Shayne Graham signed with the New Orleans Saints in Week 16

Signed with the New Orleans Saints in Week 16. He hit two field goals in the team's 17-13 loss to the Carolina Panthers on Dec. 22. Nailed four field goals, including a 32-yard game-winner as time expired, in the team's first road playoff win against the Philadelphia Eagles in the wildcard round.

Sean Payton on the kicker position going forward:
 "I think it is tough to evaluate a certain player such as a kicker especially in those kinds of conditions. I thought he (Shayne Graham) came in and really did a great job for us when we signed him.  But with regards to that position, it will be like anything else.  We will have a chance to discuss, evaluate, not only Shayne but the future and other prospects that might be out there.  But I thought he did a very good job."

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