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Sharper's Facebook Fan Interview

Safety answers five questions submitted by fans.

S Darren Sharper answered five questions submitted by Saints fans on the team's official Facebook page ( Friday afternoon. In the interview, No. 42 discussed his favorite experience in the Superdome, his fumble recovery against the Steelers, the "Sharper Shake", his favorite pregame music and what his career choice would be if he wasn't playing football.

Q: What is your favorite moment in the Superdome? (Submitted by Angela Beckner)

DS: "The NFC Championship game – to end it with confetti coming down tops everything."
Q: How did you come up with the "Sharper Shake"? (Submitted by Shaval Nicole Stewart)
DS: "That dance has evolved since my rookie year (1997). I scored during my rookie season and I was so excited I did some weird gyration in the endzone. Some teammates told me they liked it and asked me what the name of it was. A couple guys started calling it 'Sharper Shake.'"

Q: How did it feel to get that fumble recovery against the Steelers last Sunday? (Submitted by Lucas Curole)

DS: "It was good to get back into playing mode. Whenever you can make a big play in a win, it makes you feel like you contributed."

Q: If you were not playing football, what would you want to be doing as a career? (Submitted by Amanda Pennington Prados)
DS: "FBI or Secret Service. No question."
Q: What do you listen to before games to pump yourself up? (Submitted by Jack Dupre)

DS: "A lot of R&B and rap music. A lot of Lil Wayne and Jay-Z. I listen to some new artists that are pretty hot right now. Lil Jon is always someone that gets you excited and gets you going. It's just a combination of songs I have picked over the years."

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