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Sean Payton talks about Wednesday's New Orleans Saints practice

Transcript of Coach Payton's Wednesday press conference

New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton
Post-Practice Media Availability
Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Opening Statement: "We spent a number of snaps (today) on third down.  We had to fight through it a little bit, but I thought they handled it pretty well. (We had) a lot of snaps today."

Do you notice any difference after the day off?

"I think sometimes, I would say this, I think sometimes after a day off it can be opposite sometimes, getting back on the field. I thought there were some up and downs with today's practice where I thought we finished pretty well but there was a lull in the middle of it."

Do you see a different focus level in players once you bring the referees to training camp?

"I think you see a lot of questions. I think the communication is good.  Tonight those officials will present to our team some of the rule changes and points of emphasis."

Kenny Phillips said for two years he couldn't received a snap and felt like teams just didn't want to see what he had to offer.  Do you get that a lot when you bring a guy in who has been out of the game for a while?

"I think it would be pretty normal for a player like him or maybe a (Tim) Hightower.  When you are removed from the game a stretch and you played for quite a while there is that hunger if you will to take advantage of the next opportunity.  So far he has done a good job handling the system.  I think he is in better shape than he was in the spring and I think that has helped him."

How concerned are you that Jairus Byrd still isn't back on the field?

"I think he is progressing well.  I think sooner than later we are going to get a chance to see him and at the same time we are going to be smart."

Can you talk about Ramon Humber and how he did today in the one-on-one drills?

"Well that is a strength of his.  If you said what are some of the things he does very well, he is very quick, he obviously does very well in the kicking game.  That is kind of a tough drill to some degree, some of those one-on-ones, we need it.  It's technique work and yet it's typically slanted a little bit offensively but Ramon (Humber) has been a guy that has very good feet and anticipation and he is smart."

Bobby Richardson is a guy that is getting more and more reps?

"We have a handful of those young free agent defensive linemen. It is one of our classes with guys that we signed after the draft. It will be interesting to evaluate them as we progress through camp and get into the preseason games."

How have you seen Kasim Edebali grow?

"He's smart, that's the first thing.  He's a 100 percent effort guy so he's very good away from the play.  He has some quickness and elusiveness. He found his niche last year in the kicking game and I know he is progressing out here defensively. That's encouraging.  He has done well."

Has the light gone on for him a little bit?

"I do not know.  I'd say, he made the team last year as a free agent so I think his first impression was positive from the beginning and now it is just receiving that opportunity, more opportunities maybe on defense.  He did a good enough job last year that we felt there was a spot that he was going to help us.  That is a positive thing when you get a guy who is a free agent who makes the team and you think he is going to play in the kicking game and then think there is a place for him on defense."

What is the difference in what you see in Stanley Jean-Baptiste from last year?

"I am not reflecting on how he felt last year. He is just further along. It is what we thought when we drafted him, two years at corner in Nebraska and he is certainly further along right now.  He received a lot of snaps today. We've said it before, we like his length. He is getting a lot better and more consistent at the line with his leverage, all of the little things.  If you are lining up at corner every play and you are defending the whole route tree, you are not being able to reduce what you are going to see and I think he is beginning to play a little bit smarter with better technique."

Does that show you something about his mental makeup that he has been able to avoid the noise?

"I think that is a pre-requisite at corner."

What do you remember about Mark Ingram's dad as a receiver?  Is there any time when Mark is in the receiving game, can you tell that there is an influence there?

"I don't know that I would be able to draw a comparison.  Obviously, his dad played receiver. I remember some of watching his father play but a lot of what I hear is from Bill (Parcells). He coached his father and is very close to his mother. They are totally different positions and yet I am sure there are some similarities with their competitive nature and their successful athletic careers.  Obviously, (Mark) came well accomplished out of college and is earning his stripes here."

When he runs a route out of the backfield, do you see that he is more like his father?

"It's a good story, (but) They are different positions so it would be hard to make a comparison.  Now that being said, Mark (Ingram) has that versatility though where we feel like absolutely is someone that can help us not only in the running game but in the passing game."

Is Jairus Byrd still dealing with a knee?

"Next question."

Looking at Tyeler Davison, it seems like he is always showing up in run support and also in rushing the passer in practice.

"He has a pretty good first initial step. I would say he has pretty good instincts for a rookie (and he has) good hands.  He is a guy that was a very productive wrestler in college so the transition so far and the snaps he has received have been pretty good."

Was it always in the plans to put Andrus Peat at left tackle?

"Part of it is rotation, you have to be able to have a swing position and if someone is down that would be pretty common."

Would you also have Andrus Peat line up at tight end in a short yardage package?

"Yes, there will be snaps if we want a bigger body out there, (and) typically it would be our next (offensive) tackle. Without defining a role right now he will certainly receive work at that."

Are you guys still using the GPS technology?

"Yes, we are.  We are actively involved in that.  We are one of the league teams with it.  For us it is distance, workload, travel, all of those things. Zebra has been great to work with. We think it is helpful for us to monitor workload."

Have you learned a lot from that?

"Yes, you are able to look for the exceptions when you are studying numbers.  You are able to study and see maybe something that is unusual that stands out."

What have you seen from Seantavius Jones?

"I think he has done well. Obviously, Brandon (Coleman) we've discussed already.  Seantavius (Jones) is someone, I don't want to use the word raw, there is so much upside, there are so many things he is working on learning and he has that length that we look for.  He has very good hands.  Again, I will be anxious to watch him to get started here in the preseason."

Can you talk about Mark Ingram?

"He is in good shape, coming off last year's season. He reported in good shape.  I know he is anxious to continue to work on different things he can add to his role.  We are anxious too."

Can you talk about how you had Bubba Watson and Lee Trevino here?

"They are guys that obviously live here and are part of the Greenbrier.  Those guys are pretty special."

No throwing passes or kicking field goals this time?

"Not yet. We will see if we can sneak something in there maybe."

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