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Sean Payton talks about the preseason loss to the Baltimore Ravens

Postgame quotes from Sean Payton after the final preseason game against the Ravens on Thursday, August 28, 2014

"A lot of different guys played a lot of snaps tonight. Obviously I think just from the sideline view, we struggled stopping the run and ourselves running the ball. We'll spend some time on this tape. I've said before in practice it was going to be important in the evaluation process. Then we'll go on to Atlanta."

(on Derek Dimke receiving snaps tonight meant seen enough from Shayne Graham) "No. It was a first half/second half (rotation)."

(on the plan to play Luke McCown the first offensive series) "The plan was to play six to eight snaps and hopefully it was a series. Had it been quicker, he'd have gone back. We had a series of guys that were going to were going to come out after a certain amount of snaps. I felt he did well moving the guys. That was the plan"

(on if it has been a disservice to McCown talking about the quarterback competition) "I haven't been paying too (much) attention to what [the media] is doing. I try not to. Listen, we watch these guys a ton: watch them perform great, evaluate (them). So, I don't really know what's been written or the perception. I like the fact that both of those guys have really competed. I think both of them have done a lot of good things. Fortunately we've had a lot of snaps to give them."

(on his pre-tape review of Ryan Griffin) "I'll stay away from the pre-tape review."

(on the importance of this game to players on bubble) "This game matters for somebody every year. At least its part of looking at equals. Often times, you get to this point in the process and maybe you want a little confirmation or you want to know for sure. We got a lot of guys reps tonight; that part of it was encouraging."

(on if it's more likely players hurt or help their chances) "I think typically it's the latter. I think typically they show you something or they put a second week (of performance) together. Typically it's the latter."

(on Kasim Edebali) "He's a guy that can help in the kicking game. We've seen him in special teams, and I think his first impression comes there. He's one of those guys competing for a spot."

(on Charles Hawkins' performance tonight on kickoff returns) "He had a couple. We were aggressive going in on what we elected to do if they were coming to us seven or eight yards deep in the end zone. We thought it was a good opportunity. I thought that was encouraging."

(on if health is more important in this game then winning)"Health is important. That's why you saw a lot of starters not playing."

(on this roster versus last year) "We're not evaluating this roster versus last year. This team will play and win or not win. The success they have will be on their merit."

(on players like Jahri Evans and Jairus Byrd receiving more snaps) "There are a handful of those guys that are low (on snaps) in the preseason games. Jairus's first snaps were last week. There are a handful of players we felt were below pitch count: Champ Bailey, Jairus. Those were the guys we tried to get more that maybe normally wouldn't play."

(on McCown's preseason) "He's experienced and done a good job."

(on taking three quarterbacks on the 53-man roster) "We have before. We'll see."

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