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Sean Payton talks about Saints loss to Ravens

Transcript of Coach Sean Payton's postgame press conference

Transcript of Coach Sean Payton's press conference:

"Obviously, there are a ton of momentum swings.One thing that stood out was penalties. Fifteen of them for 131 yards.  Three of them came in the kicking game. There's hidden yards there. I think three of them came on third down when we were off the field. There's hidden yards there. And a number of them came on the offensive line. I really wasn't excited with how we played starting off. There were a handful of substitutions. Some guys are playing more snaps than others, but a lot of things we can better work on, and that's obvious. We kind of fought back in it in the second half, and then we weren't able to close it out. Fourth down and 20 — that was my call. We blitzed them, and, obviously, they were able to make a play and continue the drive."

On whether injuries contributed to the bad start:

"There was a handful of guys that got nicked up, but I'm not blaming that. When you go into a preseason game like this, there are certain guys that may or may not play. I'm sure we are going to put the tape on, and we'll see. A handful of things that were encouraging football, and we'll see the things that we have to correct. I'm going to say it's 200 yards in hidden yardage if you do the math. That's just too much in any game. The good news is we have a lot of time to get this corrected. We're going to have to pay particular attention to it."

On his thoughts on Garrett Grayson:

"I think the two younger quarterbacks handled themselves pretty well. Both him and Ryan [Griffin]. They got a lot of snaps. They moved the ball, and I felt they made good decisions. The first thing that happens with a young quarterback is its just happening quicker. The play clock is quicker, on and off, in and out, up and down. It has to pick up quicker. I thought both of those guys handled it pretty well. They got a lot of snaps between them, and that was the goal coming in."

On seeing his younger quarterbacks battle back:

"We said this to start. This is a younger team, and we want to win these games. And I'm still mad that we didn't win. But there will be some good things on the film in the second half. I thought we affected the passer a little better. We just weren't able to make enough plays."

On Damian Swann and Terrence Frederick:

"Until you demonstrate on the field in the moment that you can do something. Until that happens, you're hoping that you can. I think it's important for those guys just as these games are important for a lot of guys. You see growth with players in the steps that they make. We'll look at the tape. They're getting a little handsy down the field on some calls. So, we have to get that cleaned up. There were just too many times offensively where we were first and 15. Whether it's a holding or false start. And that wasn't just one group in particular. It was the one's, two's, and three's. That will be important to get cleaned up."

On Tim Hightower's first game in years:

"I liked the look in his eye during pre-game. I thought it was real good. Obviously, he had some big runs. And he had some other looks that weren't so favorable. He looked ready."

On the Ravens' first offensive drive:

"They scored a touchdown. That's not good. Very time-consuming. That can kind of take the air out of the start of the game. When a team can go down the field and run 16 plays,"

On whether it is concerning to see the same things that hindered last season:

"It would be concerning, yes. I think it's a different team. I think we go back and look closely at the tape. I think if you're honest, if you grade the tape of both players and coaches. I get upset when there's 15 penalties. Because I feel that is a reflection on us. We'll get that cleaned up. Obviously, there's some things that showed up that were problems a year ago, and, yet, this is a different club. This group will swim or sink on its own merit. And we've got a lot of work to do."

On whether it's tough line on the young defensive backs in playing physical:

"Yeah, that part of it we can clean up. I don't get discouraged with that as I do with lining up off-sides on third and half yards, and then lining up again off-sides on third. Those are the things. Or the simple holding penalties in the return game. The rules now are challenging for those defensive backs, and I understand that, and I think we can clean that up. But there's some other penalties that are harder to digest."

(on the Redskins-Titans incident last week and whether he is concerned about the upcoming practice with the Patriots) "When we practiced them [the Patriots], we did a really good job. This will be our third time so I think that's the one thing that Bill [Belichick] talked about, and our players understand what we are trying to get out of it. I'm not concerned about that looking ahead right now. Our guys have handled that situation well."


Associated Press photos from the New Orleans Saints vs Baltimore Ravens game on Thursday, August 13, 2015.

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