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Sean Payton talks about Percy Harvin

Quotes from Sean Payton's post game press conference on Friday, November 29

New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton
Post-Practice Media Availability
Friday, November 29, 2013

Opening Statement: "Today was all mostly third down and nickel which would be just like a Thursday practice for us."

When you have someone returning who hasn't played much like Percy Harvin, how do prepare for that?

"I think just with our experience and having seen him before, he's very explosive so he is able to stay low to the ground with the cuts he is able to make.  He is powerful.  He can get north and south very quickly.  He is a gifted athlete.  He's uniquely different than most returners that we would see.  Our coverage units understand that, just like a lot of way (Golden) Tate is when he is returning punts.  Both of these units present challenges and we are going to have to be, especially on the road, very good with our coverage teams."

What about them using Percy Harvin offensively?

"Again, you just understand he can be in the slot getting in the backfield with different formations and it is really adjusting to that."

Do you think this game can come down to special teams?

"I think certainly it is a big part of this game. When you look at their units, they have been very good.  They are not afraid to play a lot of their starters in the kicking game.  We have to be able to match that and find a way to make it an advantage for us.  It is a big challenge with the way they have been returning the football, the punt game.  Their average field position start has been outstanding both after punts and kickoffs so they are winning those battles.  That is just another part of it, an important part of hidden yardage.  It is going to be important."

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