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Sean Payton talks about Monday's practice

Quotes from Sean Payton's post-practice press conference on Monday, August 25, 2014

New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton

Post-Practice Media Availability

Monday, August 25, 201

Opening Statement: "Both today and tomorrow's practices are Saints on Saints and then our focal point on Wednesday will shift to Baltimore.  These three players were waived today, WR Andy Tanner, S Ty Zimmerman and T Ty Nsekhe.  We still have to get down to 11 more (roster moves) here in the next 24 hours (that we have to make)."

Is it hard to figure out who to let go the first round rather than the second round?

"Yes, both, I think the most important thing is getting the right 53.  It is the one thing coaches always fear, is that did you get enough of an evaluation on every player.  Hopefully we'll be able to answer that and then it is always difficult, especially when a lot of these players have been with you since throughout the spring.  It's just a lot of time on task.  That never really changes."

Specifically with a guy like Victor Butler who you have had a hard time getting an evaluation on for the last year, how do you judge that?

"Those are some of the challenges."

Was Drew Brees' absence family related?

"Yes.  I don't have any news, but I think you guys will probably hear.  I don't know how you hear, twitter, but everything is going good and I think that hopefully we hear something."

Is it encouraging to have eight takeaways in the last two games?

"Yeah, I thought in the game the other night, in particularly against some of their good personnel, the play that Kenny (Vacarro) makes, you are always trying to measure when they come and there is a little difference in a takeaway and one that is given. I thought we had some good takeaway opportunities the other night whether they came in the first half or the second half, they were earned turnovers."

Looking back at it now, was Keenan Lewis' a pick?

"You know what, number one, I knew it wasn't going to be overturned and it is still hard to tell whether or not the ball moves at all when it hits the ground.  When it was called an interception it was probably going to stay that way, just based on the angles we had.  It certainly was a great play on the ball though."

Are you guys starting the prep for week one against the Falcons?

"No, we are not.  We will have extra time in the Atlanta week.  It is really fundamentals, like some specific areas of emphasis, two minute, third down, we had our nickel run period today, so it is really more areas that we feel like we still need work on based on Saturday night's game, based on the week before's game, where do we feel like we are deficient?  Tomorrow we will get some red zone work in so we are trying really to get two training camp practices if you will in before we shift Wednesday to Baltimore. And then at that point, the energy and time will be spent on Atlanta."

Seeing how much work Jonathan Goodwin has been getting with Drew Brees, has he made a move in that race for center?

"Listen, I think it is premature to say where he's at, but again, both he and Tim (Lelito) have had a lot of work with the ones and the twos.  They both provide position flexibility.  They are two different players in their careers.  We will see where that's headed, but we are getting pretty good consistent play and that is encouraging."

Do you have to ice your arm down?  You were really involved in practice.

"We were one quarterback short (at practice).  When I saw Pierre (Thomas) throwing, we needed a little intervention."

You were playing corner too?

"Yes, with safety help."

Can we read into how Luke McCown has started over Ryan Griffin in the first two preseason games?

"No, I think most of all we are trying to make sure Ryan (Griffin) is receiving a ton of work.  This past game was an example where we were at half time way ahead of defense with regards to snaps so we were into our offensive phases a little quicker than on defense because of the snaps.  Ryan will get a ton of work this week.  He will get a lot of work."

What do you like about Victor Butler? Do you feel like he is coming along?

"It's just been real limited because he has been rehabbing and he is finally getting healthy.  It has been hard to really measure right now, but we still have time."

Do you see the battle of kicker going to the end?

"Yes, I do.  It's one of the ones we probably discuss every time that we are discussing personnel.  It is a good thing, but both of them have done well in practice.  Tomorrow we will try to create a competition period again and then give them plenty of work on Thursday."

Is that one where one missed kick could decide it?

"I think more than anything else, you are just, look, we have every kick charted so we are able to go up there and pull out what's the efficiency, what's the distance, what's the get off, and then weigh all of those things and make a decision.  But with regards to that position, we've not made a decision."

How do you feel about your depth at cornerback?

"We are getting healthier.  In the last week, we were able to get Patrick (Robinson) back, we were able to get Champ (Bailey) back, (Terrance) Frederick is close and is receiving some work and I think depending on how (Trevin) Wade does, so we are getting healthier and that's good.  We have some good competition with some of the down the line guys too."

If a kicker got released externally, would you look at them?

"I think we feel pretty good about the two we have here.  I wouldn't confuse the fact that we haven't made a decision with these two with the idea that we are unhappy.  I think we are really making sure we are trying to make the right decision so I don't know if we are looking at outside kickers.  I think a team or two is looking to see what we do."

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