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Sean Payton talks about his Kentucky Derby experience on The Jim Rome Show

Coach talked about his Derby SeerSucker suit and GMB Racing shoes

Sean Payton was a guest on The Jim Rome Show and he spoke about his experience at this year's Kentucky Derby supporting Tom and Gayle Benson's GMB Racing horses Mo Tom and Tom's Ready. Below are some highlights from the interview.

What was the Kentucky Derby like?

"Certainly, it was memorable. It's rare that you get to go to an event like that with a vested rooting interest like we did with Mr. Benson's horses. To have two horses running in that race and realizing the competition and how many horses are trained every year with the goal of getting to the derby. I know he and Gayle were excited and we were just as excited for them."

On honor of giving "riders up" call…

"On Wednesday, they have a poll position party to find out where your horse is going to run from and obviously, it's a significant event because those outside posts, the 20, the 19 and even the rail, are tough spots to run from. It was at the event that one of the organizers mentioned that Sly Stallone might not be able to make it because of a commitment he made with regards to a movie, so I was kind of coming out of the bullpen. It was pretty easy: "riders up!" The night before, I get this written script about "Oh, people of Kentucky, people of Louisville," there was a lot more to it than I initially expected."

On Payton's shoes and where they are now…

"They're sitting in the closet (laughter). That's a good question. There's a local artist down here in New Orleans, Tuna, was able to take the silks of GMB Racing and basically project it onto the front of the shoes. When you're from the suburbs of Chicago, where I'm from, and at some point in your time you buy a Seersucker suit, you've officially converted to somebody from the South. It was very comfortable, actually. It was a great day. We had a little bit of rain before the derby itself, but all in all, it was pretty special."

Look out! @saints coach @SeanPayton giving the "riders up" call at the @KentuckyDerby. #Who Dat ⚜ — Tony (@TonyInNOLA) May 7, 2016

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