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Sean Payton talks about Green Bay Packers game

Transcript of Coach Payton's postgame press conference

Associated Press photos from the New Orleans Saints vs Green Bay Packers game on Thursday, September 3, 2015.


"I thought early that we jumped out and looked sharp, but there wasn't a lot of things in that second half that we did well. When we get back and have the chance to see the tape, obviously there are a lot of important decisions that we have to make. Hopefully we can gain the right information from the film."

On if effort is taken into consideration when making cuts:

"If there's an effort issue, absolutely. I'd have to watch the film. They're on the field a long time, defensively. We didn't help any offensively. So we will view the tape."

On WR Brandon Coleman and WR Willie Snead:

"We wanted them to get some early work in that first portion of the game. I don't know if that answers your question, but I think those guys have been pretty consistent."

On last week's effort versus this week's:

"Well, I think it was brought up in the first question – I don't know. There's as many mental assignments. I can't without watching the tape, say if it was effort or if we have to go back and look specifically at each player, but this is part of the evaluation. We say this every year, for many it's not an important game, for some it's almost the most important game of their career. I think that's the case."

On QB Ryan Griffin's play:

"I thought his tempo was good. He didn't get as many opportunities. Of course our early drives were good and then we kicked a field goal, and then after that, it just seemed like we stalled a little bit more. Our third-down numbers weren't good, I know, especially as we moved forward into the second half. But we'll see. We'll put the tape on and evaluate and grade the decisions, ecspecially at the quarterback position, to look at everything. I thought the demeanor on the sideline was good, it was up and down, so we will see."

On quarterback decision based on today:

"All of these things are pending. We are not going to qualify where the competition sits at or any of that. They're all important."

On opportunities for back-ups on defense:

"It's the fourth preseason game, so really, separate the injuries. The back-up guys are playing on both sides of the ball. They had a chance to make an impression. So yes."

On how RB Hightower ran:

"I thought OK. I thought we did a little bit better of a job early in the game. I don't know if we had the same opportunities as the game progressed."

On QB Brett Hundley's play:

"I thought he really made some plays with his arm, I know he scrambled a couple of times. He stepped up and scrambled for a first down. I think he's having a good preseason. I haven't seen a lot of tape on him, just this week. I think he was effective in the second half though."

On process from now until cuts on Saturday:

"We will get back, we'll watch the film, meet with the players, and then fill you in later, probably on Saturday."

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