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Sean Payton talks about 31-13 win over the Panthers

Quotes from Coach Payton's postgame press conference

"Obviously it was a big win for us. The concern I had coming in to the game was just having the energy you need to play in a divisional game like this with a short week. I thought the schedule worked out and I thought the players handled that part of it well and I thought they had enough energy and I thought we played with a lot of emotion. We ended up getting the stops we needed defensively and I thought the score late in the second quarter was important for us. We threw it, obviously, a lot more than we ran the football and I thought our protection was outstanding against a good front. It was a good team win against a very good team that we are going to see in a couple of weeks."

On the encouragement of bouncing back from a loss and beating such a good team:

"I know our players and staff, we all thought coming in that we knew this was a good team just looking at the season they are having and the record they have. They have had some good quality wins, they have played from behind, they have played from ahead so we were going to have to play well in all three phases and I think by-and-large we did that. It will be a quick turnaround when we play these guys in a few weeks. We thought this is a team with a lot of confidence, there is no way you get as many wins as they have without having that confidence so I was pleased with the way we handled the win and the way we played."

On Drew Brees reaching 50,000 passing yards: ![]( "new orleans saints")

"We were kidding him (Drew) in there (locker room) that a lot of places if the quarterback hits 50,000 yards they would have fireworks, stop the game, and we just kind of had a little nod 'atta boy,' but that is a pretty unique feat when you look at the history of our league. I don't know that anyone was really paying quite attention to when that happened or what play it happened on, but certainly this week it was brought up and we were made aware of. To be in that class of four people now really hits on his consistency, his durability, his availability along with his skill set. We are happy for him and obviously proud."

On the defensive stop in the first quarter:

"I thought two things were important, we avoided the big play, the explosive play, they had some big gains and they are going to and Cam (Newton) does a great job of extending plays which really makes it tough on your man or zone coverages because instead of covering for 3 1/2 seconds, four seconds, all of the sudden there is a six-, seven-second route and it's very difficult. I was really pleased with how we were able to get off the field and minimize the chunk plays and as a team that is right at the top of the league with those yards, be it the run or the pass, so I thought we handled that particularly well. I thought we were able to capitalize off of that field position and get an early lead and take advantage of that."

On Colston surpassing 8,000 career yards:

"He has been amazingly consistent. We were on the road for one of our games and Nick Toon's father, Al Toon, was coming and we had a chance to pull up his career statistics and they were unbelievable as a Jets receiver. And then we started looking at every number Marques (Colston) has and he just goes about his job in a way that, I think at times the way we utilize receivers doesn't help in regards to post season accolades, but I am glad we have him. Each week, we are going on eight years now, it doesn't seem that long, but he is good in the slot, he's strong, he has strong hands in traffic and he made some big plays tonight and got us going."

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