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Sean Payton's Thursday conference call

Audio and quotes from Sean Payton's Thursday conference call with local media

New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton
Media Availability
Thursday, October 8, 2015

New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean PaytonMedia AvailabilityThursday, October 8, 2015

Both Drew Brees and Luke McCown mentioned wearing wristbands. Was the idea behind that to pace the offense?

"Well, it really became more of a third down answer for us. There are some weeks the terminology is longer. Two weeks ago against Carolina was one of those weeks and it was something that we started doing. It was specific, might be 16 plays on there. One of the challenges on third down is protections, getting out of the huddle and to the line with enough time to make changes, change plays etc. It's something we played with there for the first time really and then had it up again last week."

Was this the first time you used wristbands in 10 years?

"Yeah, I'm sure at some point we may have had plays on wristbands. We typically would carry backup wristbands with the headsets so that you could operate with a core amount of plays on it. If the headsets go out, they rarely go out, they used to more frequently, but if in fact we lost communication with the quarterback, we have to find a way to get the plays in whether it be from signals or wristbands. Really, it was the first time in 10 years we had an extensive third down plan on wristbands, and just so we understand how the play is written out. I can read it to him and he can read it to the huddle and they go out and run the play or I could beep in and say go to number two and you're just trying to save a few seconds."

Are the wristbands a tempo issue?

"No, this is not a tempo issue. Tempo is in and out of the huddle, running plays fast. This is more verbiage and this is getting to the line of scrimmage on third down with 14 seconds as opposed to 8 seconds. So you could say the tempo, but the key is having time to do some of the things you want to do at the line of scrimmage."

Is this something you guys will stick with?

"Yeah, I think we will see week to week. There are some weeks will see. Drew had a wristband and there were times I still read the whole play to him, you know, because that's what we've done forever. There are some plays that might take a little longer and I think the quicker he can get a play in, then all of a sudden be able to break the huddle and still be able to do the things we want to do."

Does Philadelphia's offensive tempo present a challenge for keeping guys fresh?

"It challenges you with substitutions and so there is a group on the field and they get going, and they're moving and moving, it's hard to try to sub just one for one even without getting caught shorthanded or with too many on the field. It can have an adverse effect on your pass rush because of attrition. It can have an adverse effect on a lot of areas if they get the rhythm and the tempo that they desire."

With Kevin Williams and Marques Colston not practicing yesterday but not being injured, was that a veterans day for them?

"We were talking about it the other day. We were watching the tape and Kevin had a few good plays on film. I know it is something that we have talked about doing and that we have done before. Yes, being able to back off a day like that and let their bodies recover one more day, and then begin today (is beneficial). They are smart enough players. We've got a few other guys that would be in the same boat."

With Darren Sproles not here last year, you guys still did well in a lot of categories. Is there a way where he was missed because of how defenses have to change the way they defend him?

"He is an exceptional route router so typically, not all of the times but a lot of the times, you find him on the weak side of trips and those X and H combinations, the single receiver and the halfback, one player though as opposed to multiple. In other words, those combinations in trips or those combinations in empty, and try to envision empty like trips, there are times where we saw some coverages tilted that way because it is an easier throw, a higher percentage throw and it is the short side of the field. One of his greatest strengths is that I can't recall one time on film or on the field that he did something that surprised me. In other words, he never would do something where I would say 'why did he do this.' From a football standpoint (it was always) the right thing."

From that matchup standpoint, it is a coincidence that you guys liked C.J. Spiller or did you miss that element for a year and wanted it back?

"I think it was coincidence, honestly. Initially, a free agent like him would be on your hit list. As the market kind of unfolded, it was like 'man, we have a chance to get in the game with a player like this.' It kind of picked up steam after free agency as opposed to planning prior to."

How have you been able to measure the progress of Andrus Peat along the offensive line, in somewhat limited snaps? How do you feel like he has done in the first four weeks of the regular season?

"I think he is doing well. I think the snaps he has handled in the jumbo packages, which have expanded a little bit, he has done a good job with. We get to see the day-to-day practice and we get to see him block some of our better rushers. He's in good shape. I would say, early on, it has been real good."

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