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Sean Payton's post game quotes

Quotes from New Orleans Saints Coach Sean Payton's press conference after the game against the Oakland Raiders.

"I thought we saw a lot of different things tonight. It was really the tale of two halves for us offensively. I mentioned to the team there were a lot of good things to build on in the first half, and I know it was a preseason game but we did everything in the second half to allow them a chance to get back in the game. The three turnovers, nine penalties, that frustrated me, that is way too many.

"I thought individually there were a lot of great efforts. I thought defensively we handled the short field well tonight and that was encouraging. Early on, I thought we played with the emotion that we talked about and I was pleased with the first quarter and a half, two quarters. The only setback defensively was that third-and-15 that converted and ended up in a scoring drive in the second quarter. I thought we played hard as a team, not always smart and there will be a lot of things that we can correct off this tape, but we will do that." ![]( "New Orleans Saints")

(on Ramon Humber) "We have to look at the film. He certainly handled the defensive calls, but it's hard to tell you exactly on an inside linebacker from the sideline. We will look at the tape well and help you out on Monday."

(on the tempo getting the plays in) "I thought it was much better. I thought we went in and out, up and down much quicker. I thought defensively we were set, and in the kicking game we weren't dealing with 10 guys on the team. There are situations that come up in a game, be it a penalty or there is hidden yardage that equates to points and so in this game in that hidden yardage in the second half we didn't do too well. All the sudden the ball is supposed to be on the 33 coming out and it's on the 18 or whatever the penalty was so we will get that corrected. This is another good tape for us and another step in the evaluation process for us to take and we look forward to doing that."

(on Kenny Vaccaro getting a lot of reps tonight) "Absolutely, the second phase all did. There (are) a handful of players that are swinging (with the No.) 1s, they are 1s also playing with the (No.) 2s. He is one of them and there are a handful of other players like that and that was part of the plan."

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