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Sean Payton reviews road win against Philadelphia Eagles

Quotes and audio from Sean Payton's conference call on Sunday

Transcript of Coach Sean Payton's Sunday conference call:

Benjamin Watson just told us he was working on two hours sleep. How are you doing this morning?

"Pretty good. I probably slept in a little more. (It's) just getting adjusted to the travel or the adrenaline. I think everybody was getting tired by the time we landed."

Did the adrenaline kick in again seeing all those fans on the airport access road at 4:30 in the morning?

"A couple of us were talking about it. I don't know that I was surprised. It's rare that we come home on a Saturday night, which makes it easier for people (to come out), but certainly we have a great, faithful fan base. It's amazing. You kind of clear the one group, you make a turn and then you have five times as many down the homestretch. It's a pretty cool thing that's unfolded over the years here. We never take it for granted."

How does it feel to never have to be asked again about the franchise not having won a road playoff game?

"I mentioned this yesterday. I'm not interested in the franchise's history. I said it to our players that if that were the case, we would be carrying a lot of baggage with us. Our job is to win and our job is to be consistent and be successful whether we play at home or on the road. We played well enough yesterday to get that win. Certainly when you watch the tape, the score could have been a lot bigger. When you look at the time of possession, third down snaps, the rushing totals, total yardage, I thought defensively we did a great job considering some of the injuries we had. The running game really helped us and in the kicking game we came up with the plays we needed. It was a great team game."

LeSean McCoy didn't get much going in the game. How impressed were you with how the defense played?
"I think getting off the field on third down (was) number one. I think number two, we tackled well, pursued to the ball. We really felt that was going to be important. He's such an exceptional player and had the ability to cutback. Your angles and gap integrity have to be really good, because it might start out going right, then all of a sudden, it ends up all the way around the left end. I thought our guys did a real good job of that."

In terms of going back to Seattle, does the fact that you were there a month ago help in terms of your familiarity with the stadium and the team?

"Yes. Each stadium presents a different environment to some degree. For our team we have a lot of young players on this team. Going to Philadelphia is one thing. Going to Seattle is another. Each can be challenging in their own ways. Certainly noise is an issue on the road with the challenges to communication it can create. Those are all things you experience, you have to work thought and that we try to replicate here."

Do you anticipate Keenan Lewis being available for this game?

"We'll keep you guys posted on any of our players."

With the 34-7 loss to Seattle, do you look at this is a totally different game?

"That was a game we played not too long ago. This is a team that has been dominant all season. They're the number one seed. They're unbelievably talented defensively. Offensively they're coached very well. They're on a roll. They've had one of those magical seasons and we have our work cut out for this one."

You mentioned last night's score could have been more lopsided. It's especially true statistically in the postseason that a team loses the turnover battle and wins a game. Is that an example of having survived that?

"I think so. I think at halftime, the whole team felt we were 7-6 and to some degree we were fortunate to be down just a point after the turnovers. We felt like if we put our best football together and executed and did the things we had to do then the result would take care of itself."

How impressed were you with how the team was able to run the ball from start to finish?

"It was important. I thought we controlled both lines of scrimmage. When you do that, you have a good chance of winning."

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