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Sean Payton reviews preseason game vs. Patriots

Transcript of Coach Payton's postgame press conference

"I think when we look at the tape tomorrow we are going to see a lot of good things and then some things that get you frustrated as a coach. I thought the first half, we came out emotionally and guys were ready to compete and that was important, we had talked about that. And then when we got into the second half, certainly we didn't play as well as we would have liked. We were sloppy with the ball and I thought we struggled with third downs. Overall, we will have a chance to look at the film, get a grade in and watch these guys individually as we go through this evaluation process."

On Drew Brees' play:

"I thought he was sharp. He looked good."

On the evaluation of preseason games more important that they start off well when first team is in:

"It's a good question. I think that you want to have a good taste in your mouth and you want to win the game, but there are elements to the game that you're wanting to see throughout, not just in the first half. I was pleased emotionally with how our guys came out. I thought we had good focus. I thought, defensively, we did a good job. Now we struggled in the second half getting off the field and I don't know that we hit the quarterback all night. That is a little concerning."

On Hau'oli Kikaha:

"We'll look at him on film, but certainly the first play to start the game he was able to make a play, a minus yards tackle, but once we have a chance to grade it it will get a little easier to comment on anyone individually. I thought he did some good thing that just on field level you saw so that is encouraging."

On ways Brandin Cooks can take offense to another level:

"I think he's made a ton of strides, I'd avoid the 'another level' saying, but what kind of progress has he made. How explosive is he? I think you've seen come confidence. We've seen it in training camp and I would say in year two, even the week we had with New England, I thought it was beneficial for both teams. There are certain players that all of the sudden can gain a lot of confidence just in a game or in a practice or in a half, and I think we are seeing his growth right now. I think he played real well tonight."

On Benjamin Watson's play going up and up each week:

"He's steady. I'm sure we'll put the tape on and there will be some things we want to clean up. He had a good play early on for the touchdown, but so far he has had a pretty good training camp."

On the first team offensive line coming together:

"I want to see the film and I want to see how we handled their front and running game, but I thought from a pass protection standpoint it was pretty good."

On rotating the QBs at practice:

"We try to do that each week. Each day we will go out with an emphasis maybe on one of the younger guys and have a little bit of a rotation with how they are taking the reps. We will continue to do that."

On Justin Anderson or any player joining camp half way through:

"Two things, it's challenging because there is a mental element that is involved and the biggest thing we have to do as coaches, the position coaches, it falls on them, is get these guys up to speed. Some guys got more work tonight and some guys didn't get any reps tonight. We went through probably 11transactions in the last seven days."

On Mark Ingram catching ability adding more to his game:

"He and Khiry (Robinson) both have made strides that way and I think we have seen it a little more in this camp. Both of them are working some of the nickel snaps and we will continue to do that." 

On if it's difficult to evaluate in the preseason when you have different teams - first, second, third - lined up against each other:

"I think that is pretty common for the preseason. That is one of the benefits of having a practice week. If one team wants to have their group in longer, we are not really paying attention to the substitution pattern from the opponent but I think that is pretty normal."

On if it  there is a message sent to guys that don't get as many reps:

"We're not trying to send messages in the preseason; we are trying to get guys a lot of work, a lot of reps. There are some guys front line guys that weren't healthy tonight so we are getting the other guys the reps. I think the young guys can take advantage of that and some of them have. The key for us is the evaluation and finding the right 53, it's a little different than when you are in the season and you are sitting someone or not playing someone. Right now, it is about getting the practice snaps, we had a bunch last week, getting in the game and trying to also see players with a different surrounding cast sometimes because that can impact how they do."

On if the young QBs starting to pick up the tempo and pace:

"I would say not as well as we'd like. You probably asked that question because you see me screaming while we are on offense. I think we need to be quicker. I think we need to be much quicker."

On RB Tim Hightower's progress:

"I thought he played well last week. I think he has practiced well. He had a few good runs tonight. I think he is healthy and he is gaining confidence. It has been awhile since he has played a lot of football so I am encouraged with the camp he has had."

Official team photos from the New Orleans Saints vs New England Patriots game on Saturday, August 22, 2015. Photos by Michael C. Hebert. New Orleans Saints photos.

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