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Sean Payton reviews first day in pads

Sean Payton provided injury updates after Sunday's practice

New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton
Training Camp Media Availability
Sunday, July 27, 2014

Opening Statement:
"We were able to get the first padded practice in.  Our plan is to have a walkthrough in the pm.  We will go down to the lower field, assuming the weather is cooperative."

Can you talk about Seantavious Jones?

"A couple of our young receivers have made plays.  Seantavious had a play out there today.  The guy from Rutgers (Brandon Coleman) is playing well.  I like their size and their range and their target area is big for a quarterback.  A couple have just stood out and they stood out a little bit in the spring as well."

Is there something going on with Robert Meachem?

"He came off.  His back was flaring up a little bit.  We will just have it calm down and he should be fine."

Do you have high expectations for Nick Toon this year?

"I think he has them for himself and I said yesterday, I thought he had a real good training camp last year and he is that much further along right now.  He is healthy.  He is really running well.  It was tough last year with just the numbers of getting him into the rotation.  This year I definitely see him as someone who competes and factors in for not only playing time but for touches.  He has done well these first few days."

Photos from the New Orleans Saints walkthrough on Saturday, July 26, 2014. (New Orleans Saints photos)

Do you see Ramon Humber getting regular snaps?

"Yes, as the game becomes more and more a space game and I just mean by open up offensive sets and formations, that really plays into his strengths. The play he made today was exceptional.  He can run and is real smart.  He understands not only the defensive calls, but he understands offensive formations and tendencies.  That, along with his ability to play in the kicking game, make him extremely valuable."

What stands out about Brandin Cooks?

"He is explosive.  It is early and he has made some plays, but I think as the installation continues we still, what we typically do for the first two days because we aren't in pads is we will go with the one install the first day, the second install and then we come right back today with the one install.  There will be a handful of things we have to do to get him touches whether it is through the passing game, whether it is through handoffs, bubble screens, he has some versatility.  He is picking things up.  (After) The time he spent in the offseason he was kind of behind a little bit but catching up has helped."

Can you talk about Champ Bailey's strip today?

"I know it is something we're making a big emphasis of.  Creating turnovers is one of the most important statistics or one of the most important points for us as a team.  If you start a game with the idea that each team is going to get somewhere in between 10-14 possessions and all of a sudden there is a turnover, it is really doubled because it adds a possession to the other team and takes one away.  It is something that we are emphasizing."

What is your first impression of putting on the pads?

"I thought it was good.  It was up and down a little bit offensively and defensively and typically on the first day we were high. It is pretty common on the first day, you are finally having a chance to play a little bit more, a full speed football game and I thought the pad level was high."

Do you look forward to the first day of hitting?

"Yes, because now we are really getting closer to football.  We are getting a chance to really gather more information on players."

How comfortable are you with Shayne Graham?

"There's competition there but his efficiency and percentage numbers are very good and I thought he performed very well for us last year.  The last game of the season, those were awful conditions.  He is someone that certainly, is a guy in the mix and is going to be a tough guy to beat out and yet there is competition there."

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