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Sean Payton recaps win over Chicago Bears

Transcript of Sean Payton's postgame press conference on Monday, Dec. 15, 2014

"I was pleased with the energy level. I was pleased with a majority of the game defensively. I thought we did a real good job. We forced some turnovers. I thought we got the pressure we've been looking for. I thought our third down defense was much improved. I thought the first half, offensively, we had opportunities, certainly the first drive. We ended up with a fumble. We sputtered with some penalties. It wasn't as clean but we were able to put a couple scores together. We did enough to win the game so. I thought the kicking game, there were a few big plays we were able to make and a couple of returns we have to work on covering better."

"I thought we did a pretty good job of our assignment. We kept the ball from getting behind us. I thought we made enough plays. We will see when we spend time looking at the film. I thought the one thing we were looking for was speed to the ball and population to the ball. I thought there were a number of things that appeared to look pretty good."

"He came off the middle, third-and-one play. He's got good ball skills. There were a couple formations we felt were keys to what looked like might be a deep pass. I credit those guys. We were in the right spot and then making the play was big."

On how much energy on defense and if that was topic this week

"Not so much that. Just that overall passion you have to play with on a down-to-down basis. Our guys tackled well. The things you had to do to play well. Not just defensively, offensively. We got a couple run pressure, we started getting a few of those. I thought our offensive lined handled it. We had a few injuries and guys stepped up and made enough plays."

On sensing response at Detroit and if he felt that response this week

"I think there's a sense of urgency that we need to create each week and we need to be mindful of how important that edge is to play well. It's something that we kind of focused on and made a point of emphasis with everyone. It wasn't just one side of the ball really."

On how new faces in secondary performed

On Pierre Warren's two interceptions and "ball hogging"

On team success on road versus at home

"I really believe this. There is an advantage with the noise when you play at home. We have had a lot of success over the years. When we played decent football, regardless of whether it has been home or on the road, generally we've had a chance to win games. Regardless of where you're at, the other end of the pendulum, when you're not playing well, not tackling, not blocking the venue really doesn't matter. You're going to struggle. You want to be able to play well especially when you're playing at home. You want to take advantage of that. We're going to have another chance this week, we have a big home game on Sunday and we're going to have to do a better job there."

On if the rain up until kickoff had an impact on how much ball was thrown
"It seemed pretty dry. The first thing I think you pay attention to is wind. The temperature wasn't too bad. Obviously if it's raining a lot, then you're mindful of that, but there wasn't a significant wind. The footing was fairly decent for this field. I would say better than average."

On the contributions from Josh Hill

"We repeated the play after the first touchdown. The only reason we did was, the first look we got was kind of a blitz look and not even a look we were looking for so we ended up repeating it again because we thought we would get a different look, and we did. He's been consistent. I get fired up when I see him covering a kick and making a play towards the end of the game in the fourth quarter when we need a guy down. He does a lot of things. He's versatile. Those are good things when you are a tight end."

On if Drew Brees took the last week any different

"I think it's all the other things that encompass a team winning. But certainly the focus he prepares with is very consistent and it really became more about this team playing together and trying to put four good quarters together. It wasn't perfect like I said at the beginning and we will be able to make corrections but it was improved."

On if team has to be cautioned about reading too much into this game because of way they have followed up big wins on the road and going home next week
"Listen, I think everyone in there understands the significance of the next game."

On the special visor he was wearing tonight

"A girl we are going to bring the game ball to has a sickness back home. We have spent some time with her. Bailey is her name, she is pretty amazing. She is going through right now another round of chemotherapy. She is 11 years old. You go visit someone like that and she is amazing. I knew she was going to be watching. Hopefully we will get back at a decent hour and tomorrow I can drop by and bring it to her. I told her it would be muddy. It looked pretty clean though."

On if he was disappointed they did not get a shutout

"It's not the statistics with regards to scoring or not scoring. You just get disappointed when all of a sudden you're playing a certain way and then all of a sudden there is a play. We break down under pressure. We let the back get outside on a run. In a matter of a minute or so they are in the endzone. Obviously we want to play hard and play well on every play. So finishing has just been one of the things we've talked about. We still have to work on our two minute defense. I was glad we were able to finish the game offensively like we were able to. Get the yardage, get the first down we needed. I think that overall it's about being consistent and playing for the full four quarters."

On if he was frustrated with not taking early opportunities

"The first turnover, we were down there after the interception. You get a big run, then come back and throw the run bullet we had built in. We thought ball security would be important. We just have to keep harping on it. I don't know what the numbers ended up being, but we had some good field position early in the game. We didn't have the points we would have liked to show for it."

On Shayne Graham slipping and if it was his fault

"We will look at the first one and the second one. Obviously the footing wasn't that bad really."

On Kenny Vaccaro's performance

"His preparation was outstanding. He played about three different spots tonight. We will count the snatch, then both in the nickel and in the base."

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