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Sean Payton quotes from final press conference before St. Louis Rams

Sean Payton spoke with the media for the last time before the St. Louis Rams game

New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton
Post-Practice Media Availability
Friday, December 13, 2013

How much would not having Tavon Austin hurt the Rams offense and maybe simplify what they do or do you even pay attention to that?

"Well we pay attention to the injury report.  It wouldn't simplify anything.  It is just a player.  Look, all week long we simulate and account for not only on offense but in the kicking game.  It is just how we approach it."

We have been talking a lot about Chris Long, but Robert Quinn has been having a great year.

"He's having a great year."

What is it that he (Robert Quinn) does?  Are they a complement to each other?

"They are (a complement).  They are different types of players and yet they are both very productive guys when it comes to rushing the passer and they are both equally as productive in the run game.  He (Quinn) is extremely powerful with very good edge speed.  There is about two or three rush moves that he gives you that become real problematic.  When the both of them get going, that combination is as good as we have seen.  You just watch it on tape teams that get into predictable passing situations and the challenges that they presents is very difficult.  His speed and power, he is very athletic and he can really bend a corner and lay low.  Both of those guys are a handful."

Any thoughts of bringing Chris Williams up from the practice squad because of his return ability?

"He is doing well.  He's a real good young prospect that we like.  I will give you an example (of this where) he was outstanding this week with the look offense playing (the role of) Tavon Austin.  We just keep bringing him along.  We feel like we have an outstanding returner right now, but this was a great week for him because he did such a good job simulating the snaps that we will receive from Austin.  I am glad we have him."

Was he (Chris Williams) more of an unknown than people you normally bring in?

"No, when a player excels like that in the CFL everyone is on top of it and he probably had five or six options with regards to a practice squad.  Fortunately we were able to sign him and again, he had options for an active roster spot on another team and yet he stayed and he is doing well."

Has Travaris Cadet been what you have been looking for out of a return man?

"Basically, kickoff return lately he has probably had just a handful of reps.  Most of them have been touchbacks.  Yeah, he gave us a little juice a few weeks back and I think he is someone that is real good with the ball in his hands."

Did Josh McCown come in for a visit in 2006?

"He had gotten to the connecting city.  I can't tell you where it was and then we had touched base with him and then he turned from the connecting city and went back to his place of origin.  I don't know where that was either."

Are you surprised to see a guy at this stage of his (Josh McCown) career doing this well?

"I think he's very talented.  He is a player that has had a lot of experience and often times especially at that position you get the right fit with a team and he had a great game this past week.  Obviously he was NFC (Offensive) Player of the Week and we probably pay more attention because his brother (Luke McCown) is here, to how he is doing, and also there are some ties with the Chicago Bears staff.  It is good to see but obviously it looks like he is playing very comfortably and it is helping them win."

Have you been able to sit back and realize what Rob Ryan has meant to your team?

"I know he is a guy that is coaching with passion and I know our players each week are excited for the game plan and practicing it during the week.  I don't go back and make statistical comparisons just from the mere fact that so much is different.  I think our approach has been really looking ahead to how we can improve, how we can win and how we can play complementary football so the offense, the defense, and the kicking game are all on the same page (as) to how we need to win a certain game.  I think that transition with Rob has been outstanding.  I think the staff on defense, the players, all those guys are excited each week to get the game plan and get a good week of work in.  I think that formula, that process has been good."

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