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Sean Payton quotes from final press conference before Atlanta Falcons game

Coach Payton met with media members for his final press conference before the Falcons game

New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton
Post-Practice Media Availability
Friday, September 6, 2013

Opening Statement: "Today we finished the third main practice day in a work week on a Friday.  We held it over at the stadium for a number of reasons.  We played a couple of preseason games there, but I thought it was good to go through some of the mechanics with the 53(-man) roster.  It is also good for the kicking and the punting because you don't have the restrictions like you do in the indoor facility.  Everything went pretty smooth."

Are there things about this game week that you did differently after having a year off?

"I don't know that we did anything different.  The first game of the season always provides you with an additional day on Monday for most teams.  Schedules can vary.  I think we try and pay attention to where we are at that time, in other words, on paper, in the spring when we map out the calendar, it might be one thing, but as you get closer, you might adjust it.  It's one of those things.  We try to look closely at how much time do we need, do we feel like we want to be in full pads or half pads, those kind of decisions.  Overall, I think the schedule is something that we kind of stuck to over the years."

Are you genuinely excited about getting back to coaching again?

"Yes, I think one of the great things about being in this game is the energy and excitement that comes with gameday, especially the opening game to start the season.  So, yes, I know our players are and our staff is.  We spent a lot of time in the preseason, training camp, and back in the spring.  There is a lot that goes into getting ready to play the regular season."

Why is Drew Brees a good fit for the Saints and the city?

"From a football standpoint, he is one of those elite quarterbacks that is a good fit for any team and we are fortunate that it worked out where he has been our quarterback.  Specifically as it pertains to New Orleans and a good fit for the city, I think he is someone who is very giving and very caring.  I think he does a great job with his charity efforts and he is someone that has all those elements that you are looking for as a team leader and a quarterback, both on the field and off the field.  I think the timing, and a lot has been written about it, but it all just worked out and it worked out for the team.  It worked out for Drew.  It worked out for the city and his recovery off his injury.  Every one of those things fell into place in a special way."

Is it easy for you to focus on the job and not think about everything that happened in the past?

"Yeah, it has been very easy.  There is a lot as a coach that you have to go through and preparation for a game."

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