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Sean Payton pleased with Wednesday's practice

Sean Payton met with media members after Wednesday's practice

New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton
Post-Practice Media Availability
Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Opening Statement: "Today's preparation was for us a Wednesday base, some nickel.  I thought we had good work.  We were a little longer on the field than normal from a reps standpoint, but overall I was pleased with how we practiced.  Tomorrow we will move on to more third down and the nickel situations."

What was your thought process on Jonathan Vilma?

"It really made sense.  This designation that we have allows us to hold on to a player, not lose him for a season and I think with where he is at in regards to his rehab, it gives us a good chance to look at him.  It gives us a little bit of roster space and the ability to get him back."

Does Robert Meachem still have that burst?

"I think so.  We saw it on film. Today was his first day, but he is young.  He's only 28.  I think we have a pretty good idea of who the player is.  I like the fact that he is here."

Can you talk about judging him from a year ago with San Diego?

"I think it took him a couple of years here and once he got going, there are a lot of things he does very well.  I think, most importantly, when you look at the tape from another team, is he healthy? Can he run? Outside of that though, I am excited we were able to get him.  I know he is as well."

Does he fit right back in?

"It will take him a little bit because he is leaving one terminology.  He is actually going through a set of terminology a year ago, a coaching change, new terminology, but what he has had most of his career is what we are currently running.  I think he will pick that up pretty quickly."

How soon do you think he will be able to contribute?

"We'll see."

Can you talk us through the Chris Chamberlain release?

"Basically this happens from time to time.  I think just from my experience with it a settlement or a potential grievance is pretty common when it comes to an injury at the end of training camp or at the beginning of the season.  From that point, there is nothing more that I have to add than the course will kind of take care of it.  I had a chance to visit with him yesterday.  He visited with Mickey Loomis and we will just go from there."

Did you have a sense of motivation from Robert Meachem after things didn't work out for him in San Diego?

"I think in our league it happens a lot.  It happens with players, it happens with coaches.  Sometimes someone has another opportunity and he is familiar with what we want to do and again, he is someone that we feel that can stretch the field.  He does a real good job of making plays above his head.  He is 28 years old.  He was a first round draft pick of ours that really helped us for a number of years.  You look at his play in 2009, 2010, 2011.  The key is just getting him up to speed and getting him to a certain spot that he plays.  Typically he plays the Z and (we are) getting him familiar with what we are doing."

Can you talk about how not a lot teams pick up a guy that they had left the team before?

"In his case, he is a young player."

How much easier is it for a player to not have to live up to the expectation of a major contract deal after accomplishing what Drew Brees and Matt Ryan have accomplished in their careers?

"I think when you are talking about guys are as competitive as the two you mentioned, they are driven by being successful.  They are driven by winning and getting to that game and having a chance to play and winning that game.  On the flipside, there is a business element to not just that position, but every position, that pertains to the first four years in the league and the first contract.  I think that sometimes its fluid, but I think for guys like Matt (Ryan) and Drew (Brees), I think they are driven by a lot more than just money."

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