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Sean Payton on the season finale in Tampa Bay

Quotes from Sean Payton's postgame press conference on Sunday, Dec. 28, 2014

(Opening statement)
"It wasn't clean. It wasn't perfect. I was pleased the way we hung in there in the second half. We came up with enough plays to take the lead at the end."

(On how quarterback Drew Brees played against Tampa Bay)
"He made some big throws. A couple of those third-down plays, were as much me as anything. We were kind of being aggressive with the looks we've seen. He just kept firing. Obviously, down the stretch, there were a number of big throws that he made."

(On New Orleans' ability to win this week after losing last week)
"We talked about finshing strong. I don't think we necessarily started well this game. Anytime we play, our DNA needs to be, 'we're playing to win.' You just can't just turn it on and turn it off some of the time. Obviously, the season hasn't been anything like we had hoped for or what our fans had hoped for. I think it was important we found a way to finish it on a good note. You kind of go from there."

(On his message to New Orleans at halftime after a poor start to the game)
"The third down numbers and time of possession. We didn't help our defense that much with time of possession. Defensivly we were struggling on third down in the first half. I think that was the big change in the second half. We were able to get off the field and put a few drives together."

(On when the New Orleans coaching staff will start evaluating the season and the personel)
"That starts immediately. We begin that process tomorrow. There are a lot of things we have to look over. It will be an on-going process."

(On the importance of ending the game against Tampa Bay on a positive note)
"Especially in the two-minute drive and we ended up with pressure, we ended up with a sack, and obviously the safety. That was big. It was good to see. We got them behind the chains a little bit. We were able to really to get into a pass defense mode. To start the series, you don't necessarily think that it has to be 100-percent pass because there's close to two minutes with two timeouts and they only needed a field goal. They were not really in the true two-minute mode. Once they got into the long yardage situation, they became a little more one-dimensional."

(On how New Orleans played defense against Tampa Bay wide receiver Mike Evans in the second half)
"Once we saw the other receiver [Vincent Jackson] out, we were able to put [cornerback] Keenan [Lewis] specifically on him. It was just a matter of cat-and-mouse. Being smart with some safety help, and sometimes in single safety. The interception was a big play. It was a third down play. It was a two-man coverage. He was able to make a play on the ball there. That was significant. When Vincent went down, all of a sudden, it was a little bit easier to tilt or play Keenan on Evans."

(On why safety Kenny Vaccaro was inactive)
"He was healthy and practiced all week. At the end of practice Friday, he had gone fully. Got some treatment. It was something that was really laboring him. Obviously, that wasn't the intent, or else he wouldn't have practiced. It was a little bit of a surprise. It was something that was significant. It really was something we made a decision on last night."

(On why New Orleans carried three quarterbacks into the game)
"We just had the spot for it. We just had the space for it. It allowed us to do it. That wasn't really the plan. You get down to the last week of the season, you're allowed to put a person on injured reserve. It really was just a matter of healthy bodies on gameday."

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