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Sean Payton on the 44-23 win over the Green Bay Packers

Quotes from Sean Payton's postgame press conference on Sunday, Oct. 26, 2014

"Obviously, that was a big win. I felt like the challenge coming into this week was obviously coming off a tough loss the way we lost last week. I told the players after the game and the captains and leaders of this team have done a great job responding. It's not easy coming to work after a game like we had a week ago. I thought the preparation process was good. I felt like we played a real good team tonight and to be able to make enough plays and get the turnovers and things we talked about to go in our favor. It is a credit to our team and we will go from there. It's a late night with a short week coming up."

(on the resilience after going down 7-0) "Listen, this is a game and one of things we mentioned going in is if you look at the prior three or four times we played them, in the first half you just have to be able to keep fighting. Both teams have been behind in this game before and come back. In the first half we mirrored each other and kind of went back and forth with some touchdowns and then some field goals. The turnovers I think became significant in the second half."

(on keeping the Packers' offense on their toes) "It was significant. That is one of the best offenses in the league. I thought our guys were patient and we made a few big plays early on, the screen passes and the scrambling touchdown. I thought that was a good team win in all areas. When I said a good team win I mean we had a good complimentary win and I was happy for our team."

(on running back output) "It was significant. Mark (Ingram) had a fantastic game. I thought we had good balance, credit the offensive line; we challenged them early in the game starting off with three runs and part of that is on me. I felt like the balance helped us tonight. We got some advantageous looks with some heavy play action shots down the field out of some run looks. Mark played extremely well. I thought we did a good job up front of giving him some seams and he took advantage of it.

(on going into a short week and what is at stake with the next game) "There are steps, as upbeat as you have to be coming off a loss like last week, the way we lost last week. This will be more of a mental challenge this week of just getting the plan in. We'll have a short bit of time to recover and then we will be smart about how we practice. It was the game this week that was important, obviously, and we will build on that. I was proud of how they responded with what I felt like a good effort came a week ago. I've said this, I thought we played real well a week ago with a few big plays and some other things that kept us from winning, but we responded the right way."

(on David Hawthorne's interception) "Every one of those plays, you can pick one of them, but when you're playing a game like that when the first turnover really came when weren't able to get the fourth down call and we turned the ball over on downs. Later, we are going to have an opportunity to stop them on fouth down and we felt like the series has told us, and not just this series but prior games, the take away, give away battle would be the difference. They are first in the league coming in to this game with plus 10 and we were near the back of the pack but I thought we were better with that tonight."

(on Corey White) "He has done some good things. He had the big play a week ago, but he's playing pretty good football. It's hard when certain members are trying to evaluate him, but he has done a lot of good things. I'm pleased with how he is playing."

(on Brandin Cooks) "He made some big plays, he got down the field and he is just a consistent performer. It was good to see him get in the end zone a few times. Those were some big play opportunities. I thought we had some chunk plays tonight, I was hoping we would have that chance, and credit Drew (Brees) and those guys for coming up with those plays."

(on how close he was to not using the challenge call) "We knew he caught it, the question really was, 'was there a slight bobble before he secured it?'. It is one of those where you are looking at the time outs and it was close enough, it was significant enough being that it was a third down call and I'm glad we were able."

(on if he would have still used the challenge if they didn't have the clock stoppage at that moment) "I probably would have. I haven't met many I don't like, challenges that is."

(on Jimmy Graham becoming more involved) "Like I said during the week, last week he was more limited in regards to red zone and third down, this week he was full."

(on how the short week changes the game plan) "It just becomes a lot more mental, a little bit more walkthrough time. You have to let them recover with the quick turnaround. It is what it is."

(on if the staff will go home tonight) "We'll go home and tomorrow we will start preparing. It is a quick week, but we've had Thursday night games before they just happen to all be on the road following a (later) Sunday game. We just have to be smart with our players and make sure we get them enough rest. We're playing a good team."

(on Drew Brees being so hard on himself after last week's INT) "I've said this before, we watch it every day what he is doing. He was outstanding tonight. It's through when you come off a loss like that and you start looking at everything. He was magnificent, he was spot on."

(on if he was surprised by some of what the Packers tried early on in the game) "No. It is a big game and you are trying to get possession."

(on significant adjustments made before second half) "I think we just made some big plays, the punters didn't get a lot of work tonight. We hit some down the field throws and I thought the running gave us some of those opportunities with some of the run looks."

(on the crowd's impact) "I thought it was good. I'll be honest with you, I think it's been a lot better and we'll continue to work on challenging them and getting them fired up, but I thought it was decent."

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