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Sean Payton on Sunday's loss against the Cleveland Browns

Quotes from Sean Payton's postgame press conference on Sunday, September 14, 2014

On the loss:

"It was a tough loss; our second loss.  We had our moments, but we came out very slow.  We were able to come back during the game, but my staff and I have a lot of work to do in order to prove ourselves."

On the difficulties faced in the first quarter:

"I cannot point to one specific thing that went wrong.  One obvious problem was that we had a sack, which was almost a safety.  We let the pressure get to us which led to that error. There were other issues as well which we plan to work on.  I can't point to one specific thing, but we weren't very efficient and there were a handful of things that just looked sloppy."

On the improvements that he intends to make:

"We have to look at the concept of 'situational football.'  For the past two games, we haven't been very good at this.  The issue is that we never specifically know which plays are coming, but we certainly didn't react to them as well as we should have.  This is the most disappointing part of the loss, and I take responsibility for it.  I will make sure that gets corrected, but we obviously need to play better."

On the breakdown in communication on the Andrew Hawkins reception with six seconds left:

"We were in man coverage and they sent a motion man over.  We ended up with a holding call on the play that they declined, but again, it's little things like that that are troubling."

On if it is normal to have animated discussions with assistant coaches during games:

"Every game."

On if there was any reluctance to run the ball in the second half:

"We were trying to keep them off balance.  There were times where (Donte) Whitner was doing a good job of getting in the (box).  I thought we ran it really efficiently.  I was encouraged by both Khiry (Robinson) and Mark (Ingram), they had good yards.  Both of those guys came up with some plays when we needed it. I thought that up front, we blocked them pretty well.  It's a pretty good front.  We just weren't able to do it early enough, but overall, that was the one element that was pleasing.  If you were just watching the game, you had to be encouraged by that."

On the play of Patrick Robinson and if he was struggling today:

"There were a handful of us struggling today.  He's an easy target.  I'm sure there is going to be a ton of stuff on tape we've got to look at and will want to clean up.  There's a lot on my hands to just single out one player, but I know that's what you do.  He's going to work to improve and we've got to look at it overall, how we can help not just him, but the rest of the guys."

On if there will be a change in personnel in the secondary:

"I'm not going to discuss changes on Sunday after a game."

On what he tells the team after two tough losses:

"We are going to bounce back.  The only way we know how to do it is to get back to work on Wednesday and clean the film up.  We obviously have got to be better in in a handful of areas and we will do that.  With regards to the schemes and safeties, we can go round and round on you guys starting to ask what kind of scheme we are in.  We want to get our best players on the field.  Third down is different than first and second down.  I understand the questions with regards to Patrick (Robinson) or for that matter any of the other corners, but we made a lot of mistakes offensively too.  In the kicking game, it was the same way.  Our return game was average at best.  The two times we took the kickoff out, we ended up inside the 15 yard line."

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