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Sean Payton on releasing Junior Galette

Sean Payton was a guest on Tuesday’s Pro Football Talk Live

New Orleans Saints Coach Sean Payton was a guest on Tuesday’s Pro Football Talk Live. Below is what he said about the team releasing LB Junior Galette:

On what led to the release: "There are a series of things. For one, I think it would be unfair to say the 2014 season went awry and we finished 7-9 because of one person or begin to assign (blame) to any one person. There were a number reasons we weren't a good football team last year.

"Dealing specifically with the contract Junior received, when it's all said and done there was more expected off the field. I think there were too many inconsistencies and things took place where we didn't feel comfortable as a club. Obviously, when you write a check like that and make a commitment like that, you have a long-term vision. That same vision when we signed Junior as a rookie player.

"As a head coach, you feel like you failed because you take a vested interest in seeing him have success and all the things you want. At the same time, there is a team element that was really paramount. It was in the best interest going forward for our team. I am sure he will have a handful of opportunities with other clubs. We wish him well. For our team coming up to this season, it was the right thing to do."

On what he would say if another coach calls him about possibly signing Galette:
"You know you are going to get a guy that gives great effort. He is someone that works hard. He is passionate and I love that about him. He plays with passion. The key thing, and the area I get frustrated with myself, is making sure that there is that communication of what we are doing and what the expectation level is. Guys are going to make mistakes - all of us are. At the same time it had gotten to a point for this upcoming season it was a decision we had to make.  

"With all that said, we have had guys come to our roster (after dealing with off-the-field issues). Anthony Hargrove, battled a handful of demons in his career. It's about the fit. I would be more than happy to visit with another coach or general manager with regards to signing Junior. You want to see him do well, have success and realize all of his dreams."

Photos of Sean Payton at 2015 New Orleans Saints Organized Team Activities.

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