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Sean Payton on falling to the Cincinnati Bengals

Postgame quotes from Coach Payton on November 16, 2014

"We are just finding ourselves in this up-and-down swing we seem to be in. Credit Cincinnati, but we didn't do much of anything today.

(on Cincinnati defense) "They play a lot of zone to begin with. We had a few shot opportunities and yet they did a real good job of trying to stay on top. We were obviously going to have to move the ball underneath and do it with some balance. I thought in the first half, with how many possessions we had (three), the time of possession seemed pretty good. Then it becomes one dimensional at some point when you're looking up and trying to figure out how you're going to get 17 points."

(on going for it on fourth-and-goal) "There's two things that go through your mind there: You're going to have a chance to get it and if not you're going to leave them at the 1 (yard line). There's a sequence that takes place: you're unable to get the one before, we come back and throw it, they stop it, then they go (94) yards and (kick a field goal). That's a pretty significant swing. We'll see on film if we had any goal line defense. We kind of felt going in we were going to run a sequence there: certain run then come back to a pass. They defended it well and we weren't able to get anything."

(on emotional energy) "Each week we have to figure out and I have to look closely at these. Hey, I'm obviously not doing a very good job if we keep swinging up and down like this. You have to be able to shake those in the same way you have to do the wins. We weren't able to do that today. They clearly outplayed us in every area."

(on starting Keenan Lewis) "We were just going to dress five corners today, so we were going to be smart and try to limit his snaps. To his credit, he came back toward the end of the week and got some reps. We felt like he could go X number of plays."

(on giving up big plays) "Our third down defense was awful. Honestly, the long yardage situations that we've been in; whether it's 18 or 10 (yards to go), we have to be better in that area, more consistent at least."

(on being too conservative to eliminate turnovers) "I don't think we went in with a conservative game plan. Once again, there weren't a lot of snaps in the first half; I think possession-wise there were three. All of a sudden, the clock's running and you're playing a game that's going quicker and you're not getting the same possessions. But our plan was to carry out a bunch of plays. We wanted to be down the field. Drew did a good job of getting us to some of those plays, getting to the check points. We still wanted to have our balance. Those possessions in that type of game become that much more valuable."

(on giving up the long run and field goal at end of first half) "It's poor football. It's situational football at the end of the half. It's like stealing three points."

(on punting with seven minutes left and down 3 possessions) "You just have to trust your gut on that. I thought that we would be able to get it back a bit, get some timeouts, possibly get some field position . When you call an early timeout there and they convert a first down, obviously the timeout was wasted. We were just hoping to change field position."

(on lowest record since 2008) "Every year is different. It's a different team. You look closely at your week. You have to make sure you turn the page and don't go back to the same old, same old next week and start all over. We obviously have to look closely at every little thing we're doing because in a game like today, you come away from it disappointed and frustrated. They're a good football team, make no mistake about it. Some of those matchups were going to be challenging coming in but you feel different if you play better."

(on meeting Devon Still) "It was great to see him and it was the first time I've ever met him. Much has been written and talked about the story. It's just something I've heard about. It's good seeing him for the first time. You pray for his daughter, you pray for his family."

(on Cincinnati playing well against the run) "We got a handful of movement from their front. They did a good job with some stunts. We found I think a little bit more consistent yardage in the second half. They're a good team. Obviously we felt the importance of playing well early in the game was going to be significant. We were able to get the first field goal but after that we really struggled getting off the field. The kicking game, we still can't get the return game going. Kickoffs are one thing but the punt return game was struggling. In a game like today, it wasn't real good."

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