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Sean Payton misses Wednesday's practice to be with his daughter on her first day of college

Sean Payton's daughter Meghan will be attending Pepperdine University


Head coach Sean Payton missed Wednesday morning's practice to travel with his daughter Meghan to her first day of college at Pepperdine University in Malibu, Calif.  Payton is expected to be back late Wednesday.

"It was an easy (decision," Payton said of helping in the move. "It is our first and just going through that transition, especially with the distance involved. It is a fairly small dorm room with three girls so in the morning yesterday when you walk in, you're just like overwhelmed with clutter and shoes.

"I would say that storage, space and organization was at a premium. Whether it was finding shelving or a television set, all of that stuff. Just doing kind of normal dad stuff. Kind of a lump in your throat type of day too when you leave. I'm excited for her. Jealous for her too because it is a pretty good setup there."

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