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Sean Payton: 'It was good to get the win'

Quotes from Coach Payton's postgame press conference on Sunday, Oct. 5, 2014

Official team photos from the New Orleans Saints vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers game at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome on Sunday, October 5, 2014. Photos by Michael C. Hebert (New Orleans Saints photos)

"Needless to say, it was good to get the win there in overtime and be able to finish the game on a drive like that where we don't give them the ball. I thought defensively, without looking at any film, we played with a lot of emotion and did a good job. At the end of the half, the turnover hurt us offensively and kind of got them back in it, but we fought back in the second half. Fortunately, we were able to get a few possessions together and close the gap to tie it and then win it in overtime. We still have a lot of things we have to work on. The key is to get rested and get some guys healthy and get ready for a really good Detroit team."

On the running backs stepping up today, especially Pierre Thomas:

"He had some big plays. He has been that kind of player for us. He handles a lot of different things; some of his runs though are real impressive."

On Khiry Robinson's last drive:

"He's a physical runner, he has good balance and I was real happy for the offensive line, there is an attrition sometimes that takes place in the running game and fortunately we were able to get that later in the overtime period."

On Pierre Thomas:

"He's very smart so from an assignment standpoint he has good football awareness and sometime it might just be picking up pressure, the next time it might be handling the ball so he was able to give us some; the touchdown run was real impressive."

On Patrick Robinson:

"He played real good, absolutely."

On turnovers:

"Listen, when you're turning over more than the opponent, the percentages tell you how hard it is. You just look at the numbers and it becomes more challenging, absolutely."

On some of his biggest concerns:

"We'll take a look at the tape. It's always important to step away from it. We'll get a chance to look at it tomorrow with our players and kind of see where we are, getting guys healthy will be important for us here. There will be handful of things we will talk about."

On being without Jimmy Graham:

"It changes a little bit. I think we got a little more man coverage than we might have; when we get a lot of the man-to-man matchups with him it's pretty good because it's on a safety."

On Jimmy Graham playing through injury for a little while:

"The key is being able to function at full speed so I think it was smart. We had a chance to take a peek and decided we wanted to wait."

On the safety:

"It's not just momentum. Obviously, if you do the math it brings it to a three point game."

On the defense and the penalties:

"That's part of the game, the penalties. I was real pleased with how they played. Outside of that first drive in the second half, we were able to keep them in a negative situation. I thought the field position differential in that fourth quarter was significant. It seemed like we played a lot of that quarter on their side of the field. So, we were getting off the field on third downs and there were a number of guys who stepped up."

On Rafael Bush:

"Without looking at any video he seemed to be flying around well and handling the defense well. We will take a peek at it tomorrow."

On getting a win going into bye week:

"It was important for us to play well here at home in a division game, being that we lost our first division game in Atlanta. It was good to get that win, but again there is a lot we can correct and coach off that tape."

On if it is good for a player to have to take a step back, i.e. Patrick Robinson:

"He's really been focused on whatever the assignment is we give him on game day. That is one thing about him that I like a lot. One week he embraces the kicking game, he was out there and really plays lights out whether its nickel or in the base. There is so much three wide receivers offense now that nickel is really more of the norm than base. But, in practice his attitude and all those things despite some adversity, it's a tough game, and he has handled that well. I was really excited to see him make that play and that was a big play for us."

On the running game in the past being more of a supplement to the passing game, but tonight taking on a bigger role:

"We want to be versatile enough to have that success if we need to. There are times people are going to take something away from you and I think it's important you can function in the other area. I thought, especially in that closing drive, we had some big runs that were well blocked and gave us an opportunity to get a little more than maybe we were expecting, get another first down and not have to kick 34 or 45 yard field goal, to get ourselves closer and closer and it was great to finish with run like that. But yes, each week can change." On Tim Lelito coming in at center:

"You come into a game like that as a center, the first thing as a coach you always want to make sure is the exchange is clean, both in the shotgun and under center. And then some of the runs that we were executing and then there are some hits he had in the screen game, one particular one where Pierre (Thomas) got a big play on the left sideline. Those were big plays him (Lelito)."

On the first two interceptions being examples of forcing something:

"We'll see on tape. You're always frustrated when there is a turnover. We'll take a peek at the tape and try to make the corrections and make sure we are giving Drew (Brees) enough time and being smart. There is plenty of time for us to operate in the two minute with the timeouts we had so we will take a peek at that and try to make the corrections."

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