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Sean Payton: "It was good to get a win."

Postgame quotes from Coach Payton on Sunday, Sept. 21, 2014

"It was good to get a win. It wasn't perfect, but I thought we played hard. I thought we corrected some of the things we really spent much of the week working on from an emphasis standpoint. I thought we tackled better. I thought offensively in the second half we got a little slow, a little sloppy and we had some minus plays. These are things we are obviously going to have to clean up. Third down numbers offensively seemed good; defensively, we still want to work on improving that. All in all, it was good to get that first win.

(on the defense today) "I think the thing that was encouraging is the red-zone defense, the opportunities of forcing them to settle for field goals. That's huge. That's one thing we did when we were playing well last year and we did it today."

(on sack/personal foul on Vikings late in third quarter) "Obviously, when you go from a sack where you're going to be punting to a personal foul and now we have first down that can be a significant momentum shift any time that happens. Certainly, it was. I think it was the right call and fortunately we were able to take advantage of it."

(on the momentum shift after that) "I thought we responded. We had two or three minus plays, be it at the point of attack in the run game or the protection where someone gets on the edge and all of the sudden he (Brees) is getting hurried. I thought we did a very good job after that point collectively of blocking some of their pressures. Obviously when you have a lead going into the fourth quarter it's going to be a more aggressive approach defensively and we were able to come up with some big plays. Robert Meachem and Kenny Stills has some big third down conversions. I think there is that back and forth, but capitalizing & being able to score on that drive was significant.

(on Tim Lelito's snap over Brees' head) "I didn't see the snap because your eyes are set on the coverage sometimes, but he has played before for us, at guard, and every one of these guys because of what you carry on game day are a snap away from having to play. We will leanr from that and grade the film that he was in there and hopefully he will improve in that area."

(on the first two drives going so well) "I thought our tempo was good, balance was good, and I thought we were running it pretty well. In the second half, all of the sudden, for one reason or another it seemed to be a little more challenging. I thought the backs did a good job with their second effort. We protected the ball, but kind of slowed the momentum down if you will."

(on if it's good to see Colston back with a TD) "Absolutely, that was a big play for us and it was a strong play inside which is very typical of him."

(on handling the finish in the fourth quarter after such a fast start) "In two cases it was a game where we were able to get them off the field and then it was a game where we were able to possess the ball for however many minutes and ended up taking a knee. That was a positive."
(on Corey White starting at cornerback) "Well its how we finished last week so it is just what we thought was best for this week."

(on the running backs' ability to get to the second level) "I thought up front we were doing a really good job. I thought we were getting off on the snap count. It's a defense that I would say, to their credit, they are very sound. You have an idea how they are going to line up in certain formations and I thought we did a good job. To their credit, in the second half I felt like they were able to get some penetration and take away some of those running lanes. We will see it on film."

(on Teddy Bridgewater coming in to the game) "We knew he is a little bit more of a runner. He was able to make a play on a draw. We rushed five guys sometimes to try to keep him in the pocket. I thought our coverage was pretty good. There were times when plays were extended and we were still on people and that was encouraging."

(on if they spent much preparation time on Bridgewater) "Well just in the discussion of understating their depth. You have to really prepare for what you see and it's no different than the week before with Johnny Manziel."

(on Josh Hill's play today) "I think he played well. I think there were times where there were things specifically later in the game, whether it is a protection or in the run game, we will work on some of his fundamentals. Obviously with Ben (Watson) going down in the second half, he had to step and play more and he did make some big plays for us."

(on how Corey White adjusted) "I thought well."

(on getting the first win bringing a sense of relief) "I don't know if there is a sense of relief. There is a sense of urgency anytime you are playing in these games. I think that would be a better term."

(on the defense) "I think those red zone stops and being able to force a field goal was very significant and it was one of the points of emphasis in this game."

(on Curtis Lofton being more active today) "I think so. Obviously, he was the signal caller and handling all of that so a lot falls on him each week when we do that."

Photos from the Saints vs Vikings game on Sunday, September 21, 2014. Photos by Michael C. Hebert. (New Orleans Saints photos)

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