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Sean Payton: "It was a good, hard fought win and I'm proud of our guys"

Quotes from Sean Payton's post-game press conference after beating the Arizona Cardinals

"I thought it was a really good afternoon for us. A number of the statistics were favorable. I thought third down particularly, I thought we got them off the field. After that first drive, we were outstanding. We got enough pressure on the quarterback to help us on the back end. Offensively, there was a little bit of adjusting going on, a lot of five-man rush and jammed up front making it difficult to run. I thought Drew (Brees) was really good, a lot of man coverage and our guys got some of the matchups we were looking for. The other thing I liked, I thought in the second half we created some field position in the kicking game and we finished this game the way we like to. We thought that was a good team we were playing and they are much improved. Right now we have a little time with the different schedule this week; we don't play until next Monday night. It was a good, hard fought win and I'm proud of our guys."

(on Cam Jordan and rest of defensive line) "We felt coming in that defensively they were a team that had been really stout against the run and they were a team that had been pretty good with their takeaways. One of our goals in this game was to win that battle and put pressure on the quarterback, in other words our defense against their offense and their offense against our defense. We had enough disruption that it made it more challenging for the quarterback and that can lead to accuracy issue and that can lead to the interception that Kenny (Vaccaro) had, which was overthrown. I thought we were active and that helped us a lot."

(on being 3-0) "It's early, but we are pleased with the start. We had two close games to start and this one we handled the second half well. It was good for us to keep our defense off the field. I haven't seen the time of possession yet, but it's a good start. There are some things we'll look at. I'm sure as there is every week there will be some things you want to look at and clean up and get corrected."

(on the defensive fronts they got against the run) "I'm not concerned, we just rushed for (104) yards and it was a decision. It's hard for me to sit up here and diagram the defense for you, but we made some changes early in the first half when we kept seeing that what we were getting was a five-man rush and heavy fronts. It was just about us being smart. Some of those shorter passes were the equivalent of us plays that would have been runs. Our quarterback has a great command of what we were wanting to do. We feel like we have a lot of options for him and fortunately we were able to get to the options."

(on how much man-to-man coverage Saints saw) "We saw a lot of it. With Jimmy (Graham), unlike the receivers, a receiver is going to get a corner for the most part. Marques (Colston) got a couple linebackers because of the formation we were in, but Jimmy is like a joker player for us sometimes. He'll draw safeties, sometimes he'll draw a corner, he drew (Tyrann Mathieu) the nickel. He's the guy that oftentimes can tell you what coverage you are getting by who ends up on him. He was on a safety on his first touchdown, we got that a lot."

(on the turnovers) "That was good winning the turnover battle, we value it obviously. It's important. It was great to see two interceptions and the guys were able to handle the football."

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